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How to Import Products with Autofill in ReadyShipper X

If you’re shipping using ODBC or CSV, ReadyShipper X can help you import all your products/orders with autofill to save you time. Here’s how you do it.

How to Import Products with Autofill

  • Open ReadyShipper X.
  • Once your orders are loaded click on the “Box Details” tab to the right.
  • Scroll the to the “Product Details” tab in this box.
  • Click on the “Products” dropdown to the left (after you’ve opened “Product Details”).
  • Choose your “weight decimals places” (most often this is “2”).
  • Click the “Import Orders” button.
  • ReadyShipper will now import all the associated products with autofill.
  • You can update product type and more by clicking on each individual product.
  • You can also import your ODCB products by clicking the “+” in the upper right and selecting your preferred import file sets.

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