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How to Invite Team Members to ReadyCloud Suite

ReadyCloud Suite is designed for group collaboration. This includes being able to add and manage active Team Members of your ecommerce business. Thanks to the new Tasks feature, there are lots of benefits to using Teams.

Teams are part of Tasks, and Tasks function a little bit like a cross between Slack and Wunderlist. For example, you can create and assign tasks to one or multiple Team Members. These Tasks can be assigned to individual customer profiles, calendar events or can be created as solo Tasks.

Team Tasks can include notes, links, file attachments, assigned members, tags and due dates. Teams and Tasks are not only a powerful productivity tools, but are also a great way to improve team efficiency and group accountability. In order to use Tasks and Teams, though, you’ll first need to add a Team member. Here’s how it’s done.

Adding a Team Member

Once you are inside of the ReadyCloud Suite dashboard, you’ll notice a couple of cool things. If your sales channels are connected (read our related guide on How to Connect Your Sales Channels), you’ll see some reporting data, trends, charts and much more populating the ReadyCloud Dashboard. Now it’s time to add your next Team Member.

Keep in mind that Team Members will need to have their own ReadyCloud user license to access any of the features or data. You can, however, add a Team Member using the two-week free trial for their account, which will give them temporary access to all the Premium features of ReadyCloud. After their two-week free trial has expired, you can upgrade them to a full access user for just $24/month per user.

To Add Team Members in ReadyCloud, follow these simple steps:

  • Click on your profile icon in the upper righthand corner (it’s a circle with your profile avatar or headshot in it).
  • Select “Team” from the next box that appears; it’s in the left side of the box Underneath “Profile.”
  • Click the blue letters in the lower right side of the next screen that says: “Invite a new team member.”
  • Enter the email address, first and last name of the Team Member you’d like to invite.
  • Click the blue “Email” button when finished.
  • Your Team Member will receive an email invite and simply needs to login and create their ReadyCloud account to be added.

Need Even More Tips?

Make sure you check out our related guides under the Demos section of our website. There, you will find tons of helpful videos, articles and how-to guides that can answer most of your questions about ReadyCloud and its premium plugins. If you need more assistance, we’re just an email away ([email protected]). Or you can call us tollfree at: 877-818-7447.

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