How to Make Company Equipment Returns Easy for Remote Workers

We are only a few short months away from closing out 2022. Much has changed since the beginning of the new decade. The events of the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc across the globe. However, nearly two years removed from the start of the pandemic a sense of normalcy has finally begun to emerge. 

Despite many things returning to the way they once were there are some pandemic changes that are proving to be here for good. One of those is work-from-home

Employees were quick to embrace the remote work lifestyle as they realized the benefits that it provides. Remote workers eliminate and reduce costs associated with commuting to the workplace such as fuel, car maintenance, childcare, lunches and the usual stop at Starbucks that so many enjoy. 

In fact, according to MetroMile remote employees can save an astounding $7000 per year by working from home. 

Additional benefits include the ability for remote employees to work from anywhere in the world, increased productivity and according to some psychologists work-from-home boosts happiness and improves overall health. 

With the work-from-home model becoming ever more prevalent within the professional sector we will explore 12 reasons why you need to make company equipment returns hassle-free for your remote employees. 

1. Work-from-Home is the Future  

The amount of people that work remotely had been steadily increasing for years, but the pandemic spurred the growth and cemented it as the future of business operations. According to Global Workplace Analytics the amount of people that work-from-home has risen 159% since 2009. Additionally, Upwork predicts that 73% of all departments are expected to have remote workers by 2028. These statistics highlight the need for ecommerce companies to be proactive in preparing their business for a future where work-from-home is normal. Ensuring that your employees can easily return company equipment is a great way to achieve that. 

2. Well-defined and Streamlined Process 

By now most businesses that support a decentralized workforce have evaluated and scrutinized every minute detail of their remote operations EXCEPT for company equipment returns. It’s an area that is surprisingly easy to overlook, but one that creates unnecessary issues when unresolved. 

By implementing a company equipment returns software into your business operations you create a well-defined and streamlined process that all of your employees are aware of which eliminates the guesswork associated with returns. 

3. Upgrades 

Need to upgrade your field reps. equipment?  Without an easy company equipment returns process, the common occurrence of upgrading can become a tedious and time-consuming task. 

4. New Employees 

Companies onboard new employees often. Creating an easy-to-understand returns policy and making your new hires aware of its existence from the start will make company equipment returns even simpler when that time comes. 

5. Terminated Employees 

Termination is never a pleasant process, but is one that still is a typical part of business operations. When offboarding former employees, making the returns process of company equipment as simple as possible eases tensions and avoids unnecessary problems. 

6. Promotions 

Promotions are an event to be celebrated for employers and their employees, but it can also lead to lost or misplaced equipment. When an employee gets promoted often, their equipment can be lost or misplaced. A return policy that everyone is aware and that is easy to follow can prevent these losses 

7. Supply and Sample Restock 

In the case of traveling salespeople that do not make frequent visits to an office, it is essential for businesses to be able to keep their equipment up-to-date and their samples/supplies stocked. To keep your decentralized workforce operating at full capacity the need for an easy equipment returns process must be implemented. 

8. Faulty or Damaged Equipment 

Unfortunately, it is inevitable that company equipment will eventually be damaged or malfunction. In these instances, it is paramount that your employees are able to make returns quickly and easily so the damaged or faulty equipment can be replaced. Likewise, you or an equipment manager will need to assess if it is possible for the item to be repaired, if a claim is justifiable with your insurance or for it to be simply scrapped. 

9. Avoid Stress of Trying to Motivate Former Employees to Make Returns 

Have you ever struggled to motivate an ex-employee to return company equipment? It can be a serious headache. Some businesses have even gone so far as to offer coupons to coffee shops or restaurants that are near a drop-off location to encourage a return. 

With equipment return software such as ReadyReturns you can avoid the entire problem and schedule a pick-up of the equipment wherever the former employee may be. You or the ex-employee can use the self-service ReadyReturns portal and schedule a pick-up for a time that is most convenient to them. 

Boxes and packaging are unnecessary making the return even simpler as drivers are both trained and prepared to accept and professionally package loose items. ReadyReturns is a hassle-free, standard option that makes the return process as easy as possible, ensuring that company equipment is always returned. 

10. Return Shipping Transparency 

A company equipment returns software such as ReadyReturns provides total transparency enabling you to know what the contents of a return is, who sent it and when to expect it to arrive. 

11. Prevent Losses of Company Equipment while Saving Time and Money 

Imagine needing to explain your company equipment returns process to each of your employees every time a return needs to be made. The entire process would become very tedious and time consuming. A well-defined return process that all of your employees are aware of saves time and avoids the potential of lost or misplaced equipment which would ultimately be a loss of revenue to your company. 

Are you ready to see what ReadyReturns can do for your remote business? Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our dedicated company returns specialists.