How to Make Equipment Exchange Easy for Employees

Equipment exchanges, returns and upgrades for employees tends to be tedious and time consuming without an actual designated guideline to follow to ensure that all company property is returned and is not mishandled.

One in 10 boxes are mishandled during shipping and 20% of all ecommerce returns are due to damaged packages.

As working from home has become more prevalent since the beginning of the pandemic businesses have had to navigate the waters of returns, upgrades and exchanges without a map or compass. Lost and damaged company property has been the end result leading to what could have been preventable losses in funds needed to replace it.

Does your equipment need to be repaired or maintained?

In this case the employee will need to send the items to another employee or company storage center to be evaluated and maintained or repaired.  If any issues are discovered during evaluation a work order is issued and you or the individual(s) in charge of equipment is notified. This adds an additional step in the process that could lead to package mishandling or loss of merchandise.

ReadyReturns offers peace of mind

When an employee needs to return company equipment, ReadyReturns provides equipment return software that streamlines the process. The return process is hassle-free for the employee and provides peace of mind that the item will be returned, and if the worst happens during shipping, covered if it’s damaged. You can make the return of company computers easy (and documents, monitors, laptops, hard drives, etc.)

Features of ReadyReturns include:

➡️ Rules set to your specifications to require item images before the return QR code is created.

➡️ Up to 3 images can be required to be taken by the employee of each product being returned before the QR code is issued.

➡️ Box and no-box options.

➡️ Your employee can create unique QR codes that can be scanned from their mobile device to create a return label at any UPS store,

➡️ A company administrator or internal agent can issue a QR code and automatically be sent to the employee’s company email.

➡️ No-label options with mobile QR codes that recognize your company’s shipping specifications and unique packing requirements.

➡️ Action Alert provides tracking notifications to announce the carrier acceptance scan and return delivery confirmation.

➡️ The package’s movement is monitored through every integral part of the process providing visibility and accountability. You’ll know what is in the box, who returned it and when to expect it.

Ready to remove the worry, wasted time and uncertainty from company returns and make it easy for your employees? ReadyReturns is ready to make it happen!

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