How to Make Remote Worker Computer Return Easy

It’s not uncommon for remote workers to work full-time outside corporate walls. Other telecommuters work from home when sick or stuck at home due to bad weather or travel. According to WeWork, distributed teams consisting of remote workers are becoming more prevalent.

Many of the company’s IT assets are lost to remote workers who move on to a new team or role, move up in the company hierarchy, or leave the organization.

Here’s why you need a system in place for remote worker computer return and automation.

Ways to Make Remote Worker Computer Return Easy

ReadyReturns equipment returns software is designed for today’s decentralized workforce.

It provides direct label printing support to a local printer to accommodate all your rules and reasons for returning. This gives your company complete control over company equipment returns from remote workers. It’s packed with easy-to-use features that help your business thrive, even if your workforce is working remotely.

Information about Every Return as it Happens

Visibility of the returns process is something most employers lack today. With the help of software, you will always be aware of what is being returned, who is returning it, and when to expect it. If your employer returns work equipment, like computers, hard drives, laptops, monitors and so forth, remote work computer return software makes getting your equipment back a seamless and automated process.

Make Equipment Returns for Remote Workers Easy

With new software, you can make equipment returns for remote employees simple and easy. ReadyReturns is a user-friendly software solution that anyone can use. Your agents can train on it quickly and it gives you a way to offer fast, easy equipment returns from your remote employees.

➡️ Send QR code shipping labels

➡️ No-box front-door pickup available

➡️ Preconfigured UPS drop-off locations – they pack and ship it

➡️ Image requirements before equipment return

➡️ Real-time tracking – know where it is and when it will come back

Ready to streamline your remote worker computer return? Follow this link to get started today: /lp/equipment-return-software