• Step 1 – Create a shipment – Open up the FedEx program and click to create a shipment from the main menu bar. If you are wanting to click an outbound and return label, go under the “Prepare Shipment” shipment tab and select “Create a Shipment.” If you only want a return label click on “Create Return Shipment” under the same Prepare Shipment tab.
  • Step 2 – Fill out the required information – Enter in all the required information in the fields of the next screen. Make sure you click to save the information before you continue to the next step. If you are working from within a shipping program you may be able to import the information.
  • Step 3 – Select the shipment type and return label (if desired) At the bottom of the screen where you fill out the required information there are two check boxes. Click on the appropriate one if you would also like to create a return label, or click on the Choose Shipping Method to progress to selecting the type of FedEx shipping you want.
  • Step 5 – Select shipping and print the label – If you progress directly to the shipping option you will be offered several choices for shipping services from FedEx. Click on the one you want and submit the form. You will then be presented with options to pay for the shipping. Select what is appropriate, pay the cost and then you can access a printable version of the label. Print and attach it to your package.

What Can You Print The Label On?

Once you have learned how to print a FedEx label you need to print it. What you don’t need is any special label paper or any kind of special printer. You can use plain paper for your labels and they can print on any laser printer or inkjet. The main thing to make certain of when creating your shipping labels is that the bar code prints clearly. One advantage to printing on regular paper is you can incorporate information and branding.

Why Branding Should Be On Your Label

Even though your customer knows who the package is on, the branding on your label makes an impression. Once you learn how to print a FedEx label you can play around to make sure you can print it with your logo, tagline and any other information you want to promote. Printing the label on your own printer and paper is also advantageous as you can also take care of creating the packing list and any other information you want shipped with the order.