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How to Setup Order Views

ReadyCloud Suite is a complete ecommerce solution for online retailers that covers you from CRM to team management, growth marketing, shipping and returns automation. Once you’ve completed the necessary steps to get started with ReadyCloud, and once you have connected all your sales channels, there are lots of useful features and functions that you can use. One of the most popular is Order Views. Here’s how you setup Order Views in ReadyCloud Suite.

Login to ReadyCloud Suite

The first step that you’re going to want to take is to log into ReadyCloud Suite and access your dashboard. Once you have accessed your dashboard, make sure that it’s connected to your sales channels and that your ecommerce order activity is displaying within the dashboard.

How to Create Order Views

To create order views, follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the “Orders” button in the left side of the ReadyCloud dashboard.
  • This will load you into your “Orders” interface. Once in there, click on the “Visible Fields” button in the upper right.
  • A box will popup in the middle of the screen with “Table Options.” You can then check the boxes of all the Order Views that you’d like to create.
  • Select the options that you need by checking each applicable box. Then click “Apply Options.”
  • ReadyCloud will update and reflect your selected changes in the dashboard. You can update or revert these changes at any time by accessing the “Visible Fields” menu and making the required changes and applying them.

Need Even More Tips?

We’ve got you covered! Take a look at our Demos section; it’s packed with helpful how-to articles and video guides that can answer many of your questions about ReadyCloud and its premium plugins. You can also contact us via email at: [email protected]. Or you reach out to us by phone at: 877-818-7447.

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