How to Setup ReadyReturns

Getting started with any new software solution can be daunting. But the team over here at ReadyCloud has taken great steps to ensure that ReadyReturns, our ecommerce returns software solution, is as easy to use as possible. In fact, getting it all setup at your online store couldn’t be any more streamlined. In just a few simple steps, you’ll be automating your online returns and saving time while improving customer service along the way.

How to Setup ReadyReturns

  • Create your ReadyCloud account.
  • Download ReadyReturns from our website.
  • Open ReadyReturns and select “Settings.”
  • Click on the “Returns Settings” tab to the left in the Settings submenu.
  • Select what types of returns you’re going to allow customers to place by checking the appropriate boxes.
  • Select your return-by dates, which allots how long a person can make a return after buying.
  • Select your packing slip display options for the return labels you will generate.
  • Setup any Alerts you want to have in place.
  • Click the green “Save” button.

Need Even More Tips?

We’re here to help. Check out our Demos section; it’s filled with how-to articles and videos that can help you learn how to use all the features in ReadyCloud Suite. Need to talk to someone? Reach out to us via email at: [email protected]. Or give us a call during regular business hours at: 877-818-747.

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