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How to Setup ReadyShipper X

ReadyCloud suite is a complete ecommerce solution that also includes options for premium plugins like shipping software and returns software. Today, we’ll be helping you learn how to add the premium ReadyShipper X ecommerce shipping software plugin to your ReadyCloud account.

Create Your ReadyCloud Account

To use ReadyShipper X, you’ll need an upgraded ReadyCloud account. Creating your account is simple and should only take you a few minutes. For a complete guide, please visit our related article and video: How to Get Started with ReadyCloud.

Invite Your Team Members

If you want to connect your team to ReadyCloud for collaboration, you can easily do that under the Teams menu. Adding team members will also give them access to ReadyShipper X. But you’ll need an active license for ReadyCloud and ReadyShipper for more than one person to use the software. Learn how to add team members by visiting our related guide: How to Invite Team Members in ReadyCloud Suite.

Connect Your Sales Channels

Before you can start shipping, you’ll need your order data, so ReadyShipper knows what has been ordered and what needs to ship and to who. ReadyCloud makes it really easy to connect your sales channels and instantly import this data. For more tips on this, please visit our related guide: How to Connect Your Sales Channels in ReadyCloud Ecommerce CRM.

Download & Install ReadyShipper X

Here’s how you get started with ReadyShipper X.

  • Once you’re inside of the dashboard in your ReadyCloud account, click on “App Store” in the left navigation menu.
  • From the Appstore scroll to ReadyShipper X and click “Download.” A new window will open with your account features.
  • Keep in mind that to use ReadyShipper X with ReadyCloud, there’s a $20/month upgrade fee. Make sure to tender this fee to start using ReadyShipper X.
  • The download for it will start automatically. Please allow a few minutes, depending on your internet connection speed, for this software to download.

Need More Tips?

If you need more tips on ReadyCloud Suite, make sure you visit our Demos section. There you will find more videos and how-to articles just like this. If you need email support, please reach out to us at: [email protected]. If you need phone support, please call: 877-818-7447.

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