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How to Use Action Alerts in ReadyCloud

New to ReadyCloud Suite are Action Alerts. This is a powerful Growth Marketing feature that lets you update customers when they place an order, send remarketing messages, special offers, flash sales and more. Action Alerts function based upon custom trigger settings you create in ReadyCloud. Using this tool is easy. Here’s how you do it.

Select Action Alerts

To start using Action Alerts in ReadyCloud, you’ll need to be inside of the main dashboard and have active sales channels connected with customer profiles and data already populated. Click on the “Action Alerts” section on the left side of the dashboard to access this Growth Marketing feature.

Choose Your Send From

Since you can use profiles in ReadyCloud, the first thing that you’re going to want to do is select your Send From. Typically, this will just be from your company. But if you’re using profiles and actively managing different ecommerce businesses, make sure that you select the proper company from this dropdown field.

Create a new Action Alert

On the lower right of the Action Alerts screen, you’ll see a blue plus sign. To create your first Action Alert, click on this sign. This will open the Action Alert box.

  • Name your Action Alert in the top field.
  • Select the alert type: email, SMS or both.
  • Choose the recipients of your alert.
  • Create your Action Alert subject line.
  • Create your Action Alert main body message. You can add images, hyperlinks and more to this message and it functions just like an email.
  • Add messages fields. Most commonly, you’ll want to use “first name” and “last name” fields to personalize your message.
  • Select the trigger type. This will tell Action Alerts when to send this custom message. The most common is a new order, but there are plenty of other trigger types you can use as well.
  • Save your Action Alert and then preview it to make sure everything looks OK.
  • Send a test Action Alert to verify that the information is correct.

Need Even More Tips?

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