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How to Use Shipping Genie in ReadyShipper X

ReadyShipper X is a full featured multicarrier shipping software solution that works with the most popular shopping carts and marketplaces for all your shipping needs. This software solution comes with dozens of built-in, user-friendly features that are designed to help you ship faster and more accurately than ever before. If you’re reading this help article, then chances are good that you’re looking for some help on using this feature. Read on to learn more.

What is Shipping Genie?

One of the most popular features in ReadyShipper X is called Shipping Genie. This feature is built into every licensed version of ReadyShipper X. It’s designed to show you what orders have issues and which ones are ready to ship.

Shipping Genie will flag orders with a red sign (on the left of the order) when they require more attention before you can ship. By simply clicking on the flagged order, you can see what steps you need to take to get it ready for fulfillment and to get your label generated and tracking number activated. Once orders have been cleared, the red flag from Shipping Genie will go away, letting you know that there are no found issues with that order.

How to Use Shipping Genie

Using Shipping Genie is very simple. If you have orders in the que from your shopping cart or marketplace accounts, this feature will automatically activate.

Here’s how you use it:

  • Open your copy of ReadyShipper X and view your current orders.
  • Look for orders flagged with the red Shipping Genie icon.
  • Click into the flagged order.
  • On the lower right blue-colored box, you will see a red button that says: “Pending Issues.”
  • Click the “Pending Issues” button to learn what you need to correct in that order before shipping it out.
  • Shipping Genie will let you know what issues need to be corrected and will provide helpful internal link shortcuts so you can easily correct each found issue.
  • Click into the issues and follow the simple steps and prompts to correct the errors.
  • Once the errors have been corrected, Shipping Genie will unflag the order and let you generate digital postage and a shipping label as well as a tracking number.

Need Even More Tips?

If you’re still having some issues shipping or learning how to use Shipping Genie, please look at the embedded video above for a step by step video guide. Or you can give us a holler toll free at: 877-818-7447. Want email support? Simply reach out to us at: [email protected].

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