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How to Use Square in ReadyCloud

ReadyCloud Suite is designed to help you grow your online business by giving you insight into your customers behavior and providing you with the tools you need to improve relationships, secure new business and take action based on the order activity of your sales channels.

Lots of ecommerce businesses are using Square’s innovative point of sale to process online transactions, with some hybrid businesses using Square to process local transactions as well. While the service that Square provides is excellent, and their rates are competitive, it’s helpful to be able to take the data that you get from Square and use it to improve loyalty and retention.

That’s what the Square CRM integration for ReadyCloud allows you to do. You can get more from the data that comes from Square, so you don’t ever miss out on a chance to grow relationships and build more on your brand from every transaction.

How to Use Square POS in ReadyCloud:

  • Make sure you are logged into the ReadyCloud dashboard.
  • On the lower left side of the dashboard, click the “Square” button.
  • This will open the Square module, allowing you to search transactions by user, product or SKU.
  • You can conduct individual searches, or you can filter your Square data using the filtering fields.
  • You can also process individual transactions and card not present transactions by manually entering the data into the Square module.
  • ReadyCloud will also automatically import all activity from your Square Online Store, POS and chip reader, and will created individual customer profiles from this data.
  • You can take things a step further with this data by setting up Order Views to suit your needs.

Need Even More Tips?

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