Most online stores offer returns of some kind. In reality, you have to compete with larger local stores, who often make returns as simple as stopping back by and exchanging the product. Since you are online, you can’t really do that as easily. However, what you can do is put into place an efficient returns management process that can help you attract more buyers while better retaining the loyal customers that you already have.


If you are not offering a good returns management process for your customers just yet, you really ought to pay heed to the following statistics, because they could just change your mind once and for all. Simply put: your customers want easy returns.

In most cases, the reason they are returning an item is not even their fault. We will enlighten you to some statistics so you can make the best moves for your online store. A study on returns management study on the returns management process that was conducted by Forrester Research on behalf of UPS found the following facts:

  • 81% of online customers desire easy returns.
  • 80% of shoppers are more loyal to online stores that offer easy returns.
  • Offering low shipping costs on returns appeases 79% of your shoppers.
  • 65% of returns are the fault of the store, not the shopper (broken items, misrepresented upon arrival, etc.).
  • The shoppers who buy the most from your online store also make the most return


What your customers really want are the same returns that Zappos offers them. Of course, this can be very difficult to manage if your budget is not as large as this store, and most e-commerce stores have far more frugal budgets. So how do you tackle this while offering good returns? The choice is easy: use low cost return shipping from providers like Express 1, where you can get USPS Priority Mail for less and use that to get your returns back faster.

Set your low shipping prices on returns and customers will be happier to shop at your online store. Consider each return like an investment in each shopper. Sure, you may lose a few bucks off the bat, but that’s money well invested in assuring that this shopper will be back again to place an order, and that they will tell their friends about your store.

Look, returns management processes are not easy to implement. We get that. That’s why we took the time to create a superfluous and feature-rich solution. With ReadyReturns, you will have access to the most powerful online returns management system ever created.

You can use this to set your own rules, and it easily integrates into any website without any programming required. Soon, you can be offering the returns that your customers really want. This solution integrates directly with ReadyShipper, to allow you to offer the enterprise-grade order fulfillment solution that your customers crave.