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Setting Up Return Reasons in ReadyReturns

Streamlining your return policy helps you save time and makes your customers very happy that they can process a return, generate an RMA and print a return shipping label without having to phone in. ReadyReturns gives you a variety of tools that automate your return policy, including letting you ask customers the reason for each return.

How to Setup Return Reasons

ReadyReturns helps you learn more about what caused each return with the Return Reasons settings. This lets you ask customers why they are placing the return. Here’s how you set it up in just a few easy steps.

  • Open ReadyReturns ecommerce returns software.
  • Click into the “Rules Manager” tab on the top in the middle.
  • Click the “My Reasons” box at the top.
  • You can either create a “Group” that bundles multiple reasons or a separate “Reason” by clicking the corresponding button. For this example, we’ll create a Group.
  • Click “Create Group.”
  • Fill out the labels and fields to name your group and select the returnable products that will be in that group.
  • Once this is setup, click “Save.”
  • In the Group setting, click the green “Create Reason” button to add a new reason.
  • Fill out the corresponding fields and click the green “Save” button to add that reason to your Group.
  • Add as many reasons to any group as you need.
  • Make sure to process a test return after you’ve updated ReadyReturns to ensure functionality.

Need More Tips?

If you need more tips, head over to our Demos section; it’s filled with helpful how-to articles and videos. You can also email or phone our support team during regular business hours at: 877-818-7447 or [email protected].

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