Setting Up Weight-Based Rules in ReadyReturns

ReadyReturns is an ecommerce returns system that gives you complete control over the automation of your return policy. It’s easy to use for you and for your customers. But, you’re going to want to setup ReadyReturns, update your theme and logo, add some custom rules and create reasons for returns along the way. You’ll also want to know how to setup weight-based rules, too.

How to Set Up Weight-Based Rules

  • Open ReadyReturns.
  • Click on the “Rules Manager” tab in the top toolbar.
  • Click into “My Rules.”
  • Click the green “New Rule” button.
  • Create a name, description and function of the new rule you want to add.
  • Select “Weight” as one of the defining parameters of the rule.
  • Determine what weight limits are allowed to be returned under your return policy.
  • Click the green “Save” button to add your new weight-based rule.
  • You can now accept returns or decline them based on weights you define.

Need More Tips?

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