Shipping Comparison UPS USPS FedEx – What Is The Best?

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What are the major companies you can use to send items to people in the United States? UPS, USPS and FedEx are the three major companies that come to mind. These are the best providers of shipping services, especially if you need items delivered quickly and in a cost-effective way. But how to choose between these different companies? The choice is not easy, because each has its own merits, but you need to make a decision if you want to save as much money with shipping as possible.

There are many reasons we need to use shipping services. Some people have online businesses where they send items to customers, while others send items for personal reasons. If you are sending items to customers, you can usually get them to foot the shipping bill. But even if you are having your customers pay for shipping, you want to give them the best deal possible. They will appreciate the fact that you found them the best shipping solution.

Shipping Comparison UPS USPS FedEx

USPS is a very good provider for sending items in the United States. Their most popular service is the Priority Mail flat rate shipping service. What is flat rate shipping? It means you are given a pre-agreed price for the items you send, because they are sent through envelopes and boxes already created by USPS. If the items you want to send fit in one of those boxes, you do not have to worry about the weight of your items or any other factors. The only thing that matters is closing up the boxes and getting your items shipped!

A Look At The Shipping Comparison UPS USPS FedEx

But what about UPS and FedEx? Both of these companies have their merits. They are especially great if you want to get items delivered quickly. UPS and FedEx both have overnight shipping services, with UPS even offering services such as before 12pm or before 11am for some of their deliveries. These services are great if you have time sensitive items to send, such as perishables or items the customers need in an emergency situation.

FedEx is similar to UPS, in the sense that they offer some great services for one and two-day shipping. But their services are not always the most cost-effective, which is also true for UPS. Depending on what your customers want, USPS is probably the best choice. Some customers want items delivered ASAP, and they are happy to pay a premium for the privilege. But a vast majority of people simply want the items delivered in a few days, and they do not want to pay a huge amount of money for the privilege.

USPS flat rate shipping gets items delivered within two or three days in most cases, with the price being within $5 to $30 in almost every instance. FedEx and UPS are a lot more expensive, especially for the one and two-day delivery services, but they do offer guarantees and other perks that businesses may enjoy.