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With so many discount mailing options available, it’s easy to get lost in the mix. Many e-commerce retailers find themselves wondering which one is best: vs. Endicia. In the end both offer the same great rates, and both work with ReadyShipper shipping software. No matter which rate provider you prefer, you can use our software to get your shipments out quickly and accurately. Start a 14-day free trial today and start saving on every shipment! Questions? Give us a call at: 877-818-7447.

ReadyShipper Features

Sales Channels
Start shipping in 5 minutes or less. Watch the above video to learn how easy it is to connect your sales channels and get started with ReadyShipper.
Easy Editing
Easily import your orders for fast editing and sorting. Just a few clicks lets you update one or multiple orders with ease.
Improve Accuracy
Ship more accurately with built-in features that find errors and flag them for you to correct before you generate shipping labels.
Professional Labels
Add that touch to your packages with professional ReadyLabels, compatible with Stamps and Endicia systems. Or use your own labels.
Shipping Discounts
Save even more money with Flat Rate Select, included with ReadyShipper, for the best rates on Priority Mail up to 20 pounds.

ReadyShipper Shipping Software Lets You Decide: vs. Endicia?

Every ReadyShipper shipping software license works with Endicia or for discount postage. This will gives your business the ability to print all your pre-paid USPS First Class Mail, Media Mail, Parcel Select, Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express, as well as USPS International shipping, from within ReadyShipper without any other programs or software required. This also provides your business with the same great Commercial Base Pricing discounts that the United States Postal Service only offers through their approved online postage providers.

Whether you choose Endicia or for your discount postage provider in ReadyShipper, you will receive the same discounted shipping rate for all your USPS shipments. The USPS rates are set by the U.S. Postal Regulatory Commission, which means you will not get a better discount from one provider or the other.

Both services offer the same rates across the board. The process for printing your shipping labels will be almost identical in ReadyShipper as well. As a multi-carrier shipping system, we designed the shipping process to be universal no matter what shipping carrier you use. There are differences in the two companies and slight differences in the experiences you will have in ReadyShipper. Our goal is to provide our current customers and new users with the best experience possible, as well as a flexible solution that creates an efficient and effective pack and ship process.

Allowing ReadyShipper shipping software users the opportunity to choose either or Endicia for all their USPS needs is an important part of that flexibility. We created this page to layout some of those subtle differences so that you can make the choice that is best for your business. vs. Endicia

Endicia and are both great companies. Both companies will help you save time and money on your USPS shipping in ReadyShipper. They also will help you attract more customers because both companies enable you to offer discounted USPS shipping to your customers during checkout on your website. According to recent studies, online sales are intrinsically linked to shipping and handling rates. Studies have shown, time and time again, that e-commerce stores that offer lower shipping prices enjoy greater sales volumes.

Simply put, your customers want low shipping costs, or they may not make the purchase. We give you access to both of these discount USPS providers with your complimentary account. They are two completely different companies that both offer the ability to print USPS postage from your computer. While one may not necessarily be better than the other, it’s always a good idea to compare the two to learn which one may be the best fit for your business model.

ReadyShipper supports all your favorite shipping methods and will even introduce you to some new ones. Flat Rate Select looks like the next hottest thing with unbelievable discounts on USPS Priority Mail up to 20 pounds. You’ll find it exclusively in ReadyShipper. Got two UPS accounts? Not a problem. Multiple shipper accounts are supported for every available carrier.

How Works is a leading provider of online USPS postage. is a publicly-traded company on the NASDAQ stock exchange and is a trusted postage provider for hundreds of thousands of individuals and companies across the country. Here’s how works. Upon signing up for your account in ReadyShipper, you will have access to all of the standard services like USPS First Class Mail, Media Mail, Parcel Select, Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, along with USPS International shipping options. When it comes to getting discount postage rates digitally and instantly, it’s hard to beat any cost comparison.

To get started with the shipping software module in ReadyShipper, you will need to provide a credit card for your postage purchases. You can keep a credit card on file for small and large purchases of postage. does have some monthly purchase limits for new users. However, you can contact them directly to raise those limits to your required monthly amounts and continue to use your credit card for all purchases. The integration in ReadyShipper supports the USPS End of Day SCANForm.

  • is a provider of electronic postage online. The service allows you to print postage electronically, based upon the weights and metrics provided by your compatible digital scale, enabling you print stamps to an envelope or a shipping label for your outbound packages.
  • Discounts are offered on postage to subscribers, which can vary depending upon the level of subscription that you have used. Plans start at $15.99 per month and go up from there depending upon what features that you select and require.
  • You can print out cost reports and even assign privileges and permissions for different employees and even for different offices.
  • With custom postage printing options, you can retain your company’s brand better by delivering professional looking packages that have your brand on them as opposed to USPS branded envelopes and boxes.
  • does offer a trial membership with no commitment that also includes a number of bonuses, like a free digital scale.
  • Cost tracking allows you to better predict your postage costs across a broad scale, enabling you to assign different codes to different customers so that you can get the best idea of your postage costs.
  • You can get free delivery of your USPS branded supplies by using your account to order them, helping you save money on delivery costs for supplies.
  • International forms for customs are include in your online portal. All you need to do is fill them out to ship your international packages.
  • You can schedule a pickup from the USPS from your account, helping you save time and money during your busy day.
  • offers a number of built-in integrations that include EBay, Amazon, Google Checkout, QuickBooks, Yahoo, Excel and others. This allows you to import shipping labels and can even post back your shipping data to your EBay or Amazon store.
  • has an auto-correct feature for addresses that is designed to help you prevent ship order errors.
  • You can email return shipping labels to your customers if they initiate a return, using your portal.

How Endicia Works

Endicia has over 25 years of experience in electronic postage software solutions. Endicia is a subsidiary of Newell Rubbermaid. They have helped companies around the world print over 10 billion dollars in online postage throughout their company history. If you choose Endicia as your complementary account in ReadyShipper, you will have access to the same USPS First Class Mail, Media Mail, Parcel Select, Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express and USPS International shipping options.

If you are trying to compare Endicai vs USPS, take solace in knowing that you get better rates with Endicia than you would at the local post office, and you can order the postage that you need online instantly, saving you even more time. Here’s how Endicia works. Endicia offers the ability to print an e-stamp on a 4×6 thermal label. It is even possible to designate a different “ship from” zip code in ReadyShipper. Endicia users in ReadyShipper will notice a faster processing speed that can be faster than one label per second (depending on your internet connection speeds). The ReadyShipper Endicia shipping software Module fully supports the USPS End of Day SCANForm.

To create your complimentary account, you will need to provide Endicia with a credit card for your postage purchases. They do have monthly purchase limits. Endicia can be contacted directly to setup ACH deposits if you need larger purchase limits.

  • Endicia is a provider of electronic postage and online shipping solutions. The company currently offers plans that start at $15.99 per month for their new customers. They also host a number of new customers specials that can be used to get things like a free digital scale or the first 90 days of your account fees waived just for signing up. The postage provider allows you to print digital postage to envelopes or to print out prepaid shipping labels to send out your shipments with greater ease.
  • You will no longer have to make time consuming trips to the post office because you can print out the postage that you need from Endicia.
  • Endicia offers discounts on USPS postage that can also save you a substantial amount of money off what you would otherwise spend on traditional postage that’s purchased at the post office.
  • An electronic delivery confirmation is provided by Endicia that allows you to confirm that your shipments have been delivered.
  • You can create postage for international shipments with the necessary custom forms and send it out from your office.
  • Endicia logs every single shipment that you send out, marking it in an electronic file that saves you time and money because you don’t have to pay for tracking stickers from the USPS.
  • You can print e-stamps on a 4×6 thermal label to make it easier to send out your shipments.
  • You can choose USPS First Class Mail, Media Mail, Parcel Select, Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express and USPS International as your outbound shipment preferences.
  • Discount shipping insurance is available.
  • There are no long term contracts.

ReadyShipper Supports Both & Endicia

In the battle of vs. Endicia, you have a choice to make for your electronic postage provider. Once you have made your choice, consider adding a shipping solution for small businesses to the mix to help ease your order and fulfillment efforts. With a powerful shipping software solution streamlining your order fulfillment efforts, you can make the most of your decision to wisely use a discount postage provider for your outbound shipments. With an automated solution, you won’t have to manually copy and paste shipping information, post tracking or status updates or manually enter in comments.

What’s more is that ReadyShipper works with these two providers and then allows you to generate your own professional shipping labels. You can print them on either thermal 4″×6″ or you can use all-in-one labels that print on an 8.5″x11″ sheet of paper from your standard inkjet or laser printer, with a peel-and-stick 4″×6″ label, comment card and invoice all ready to go. ReadyShipper makes it easy for you to send out professional-looking shipments from your e-commerce store while reducing the amount of time and effort necessary. Integrated Shipping Genie will also track your orders and flag any found errors, so you can correct them before you send any packages out.

We are pleased to offer a 14-day complimentary trial offer so that you can enjoy the wonderful features of ReadyShipper free of charge. There is no credit card or long term commitment required. Find out why thousands of other e-commerce businesses swear by ReadyShipper by giving our shipping solution for small businesses a test drive today!

Have a look at all of the features and benefits that you stand to enjoy from using a powerful and intelligent shipping solution like ReadyShipper to answer the vs. Endicia question. We created this solution to make your e-commerce store run more smoothly and to enable you to more easily handle your pack and ship processes.

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