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What is 3dcart CRM & How Does it Work?

Selling online in today’s modern era is challenging, to say the least. With multiple channels to sell on and lots of competition, it’s anyone’s game. That’s why many ecommerce businesses use specific tools that give them the best chance to succeed. If you’re one of the countless retailers that relies on the 3dcart platform to list, market and sell online, you’re in good company.

As one of the most popular shopping cart services, 3dcart gives you the ability to create a beautiful-looking online store without having to worry about coding. It also has a wonderful product creation system, with options for images, video, SEO, reviews and so much more. However, if you’re not pairing this with a 3dcart CRM software solution, you could be missing out on the chance to build valuable relationships with new and existing customers. Here’s why.

What is 3dcart CRM?

First off, what is a 3dcart CRM? It is better to think of a 3dcart CRM as a gateway between you, your ecommerce data and your valuable customers. You see, most shopping carts and marketplaces only give you limited data, even though they help you sell products. Bridging the gap is the right CRM, which helps you tap into this data, harness the power of it, and use it to identify new trends, repeat customers, problem products, shipping profitability, business intelligence and so much more. If you’re wondering how a 3dcart CRM works, keep on reading below.

How Does a 3dcart CRM Work?

A 3dcart CRM is a cloud-based software solution for online retailers. It works by synching with the API for 3dcart and the most popular online marketplaces, like Amazon and eBay. You simply follow the simple steps during the setup process and login to your sale channels from within the software’s interface. After that, the software will instantly import all your ecommerce order activity.

From there, the software creates beautifully rendered customer profiles and detailed contact lists. These profiles feature every order, shipment and return with tracking, notes, tagging, event calendar and business intelligence. The software also features amenities like shipping profitability reports, action alerts—which help you automatically update customers to send birthday or special event messages—email marketing and so much more. Add-ons can give you premium plugins like multicarrier shipping software, automated returns, customer service plugins, and even synchs to Google Suite, Office 365 and iCal for all your CRM needs.

Why Use 3dcart CRM?

Customer relationships matter. Once the buying cycle begins, it’s critical to stay in touch with your new and existing customers to strengthen the relationship and improve retention.

By example, say you wanted to launch a flash sale, but you wanted to know that the items would have a distinct average order value, minimal returns and cheap shipping costs. With a 3dcart CRM software powering your marketing, you’d be able to simply filter these customers out and determine the best list for your next flash sale. This list could include new and existing customers who are the most likely to buy and the least likely to return, with a specific average order value that helps improve your bottom line and ROI.

Can you imagine how powerful it would be if you could carve out newsletters like this every month? And this is just one way, of many, that a CRM for 3dcart can help you continue your ecommerce successes!

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