CRM for Your Ecommerce World

What is BigCommerce CRM & How Does it Work?

Online retailers have more options than ever when choosing a shopping cart service to use to sell their products online. Today’s leading carts have much to offer, too. They’re user-friendly, SEO-ready, and primed for retailers to hop in, regardless of the experience level, with no coding or knowledge of website design whatsoever.

Of the five most popular shopping carts, BigCommerce has set itself apart from the rest with a user-friendly interface, a robust app store and award-winning customer support. But your shopping cart service is just one part of the equation to success. Here are the leading reasons why a CRM for BigCommerce can help you get a step ahead of the competition.

What is BigCommerce CRM?

A BigCommerce CRM is a way for online retailers to build better relationships with their customers. To accomplish this, the CRM connects to all their sales channels, importing all their order data and creating customer profiles from the ecommerce order activity. Using this data, retailers can identify trends, send better marketing messages, improve email marketing campaigns and use business intelligence to improve their online store. These are just a few of the many ways that a BigCommerce CRM helps a retailer create longer lasting relationships with new and existing customers that serve to improve their bottom line and long-term ROI.

How Does BigCommerce CRM Work?

A CRM for BigCommerce works by connecting to your online store from within the software using something called an API. This allows it to sync with your BigCommerce account. It’s then able to instantly import all your order data. From there, it creates detailed customer profiles and contacts, complete with an order timeline, shipping and tracking information, customer-focused notes, tagging, filters, and event calendar.

This same BigCommerce CRM software also works with your marketplace accounts, like Amazon and eBay for complete synergy with your cross-channel presence. With all of this organized data contained in one hub, you now have a complete picture of the customer journey, with powerful relationship-building features that also include things like task and team management for your back office team and premium plugins that can integrate multicarrier shipping and returns software.

The system is topped off with marketing tools like business intelligence, shipping profitability reporting, customer service integrations for real-time responses and even Zapier integrations that sync your calendar from popular services like Google, Apple or Microsoft’s Outlook.

Benefits of BigCommerce CRM

Knowing what your customers are doing across all your sales channels is mission-critical in today’s competitive ecommerce universe. Being able to determine trendsetting products, return rates and shipping cost help you reduce your overhead and improve your bottom line. The ability to filter customers and cater new marketing messages and real-time responses helps you improve relationships from day one, while simultaneously reducing marketing cost and its associated labor and improve return on investment.

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