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What is Magento CRM & How Does it Work?

Magento 1 and 2 are premium ecommerce platforms that are now owned by Adobe, after the software maker made industry headlines in 2018 with its acquisition when it added Magento to its growing family of services to make a splash in the ecommerce arena. Shortly after acquiring Magento, Adobe moved to enter into next generation of this platform, officially launching Magento 2.

What this means is that online retailers have more options than ever before with the shopping cart service they’re considering. If you’re using Magento or considering it as your shopping cart service, you’ll want to also explore adding a Magento CRM to the mix. What is this type of software and how can it help you build stronger relationships with your customers? Here’s a quick overview.

What is Magento CRM?

When you think about a traditional CRM, the first thing that comes to mind for most of us is a contact list. However, it’s important to think differently when you’re looking at a Magento CRM. That’s because ecommerce is a different ballgame. Instead, a Magento CRM connects to your online store and your other sales channels, like Amazon and eBay, and imports your ecommerce order data.

From there, it creates detailed customer profiles complete with a shipping and order timeline, tracking number, invoice, customer details and even return information. The CRM then compiles this cross-channel data and gives you key insights into your customers that you didn’t have before, so you can make smart moves to build better relationships and improve your marketing efforts.

How Does Magento CRM Work?

You’re probably wondering how a CRM for Magento helps your online store succeed in the long term. Aside from the features we’ve described above, the CRM comes with powerful tools like tasks and team management, an event calendar, customer-focused notes, profile tagging, business intelligence, filtering, email marketing and even shipping and returns software built right into the interface.

Let’s say you wanted to automate updating customers on their birthday with a special offer? Just set the filters in the CRM and now a custom message will be sent to these customers on their birthday with a special offer. Imagine how that can impact your bottom line.

But let’s take things a step further her. Let’s say that you wanted to host a flash sale, but you wanted to ensure that returns were minimal, average order value was high and that the conversion value was optimal. Simply set your filters in the CRM to find your best-selling products, filter customers based on their buying habits and return habits, craft a powerful marketing messages and send it out at the push of a button. Now you’re raking in strong sales without having to worry about high return rates and you didn’t spend a dime on marketing for it.

As you can see, Magento CRM is a powerful tool that you can leverage to your advantage. But only you can take the first step. Go ahead, click the button below and get started with your first two weeks of ReadyCloud for free. No credit card is required. Better relationships and stronger sales await. See you on the other side friends!

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