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What is Shopify CRM & How Does it Work?

If you’re selling online using Shopify, you’re a smart retailer. It’s the largest and most popular shopping cart service for a reason. In fact, some of the most trusted online stores in the world use this shopping cart to power their backend. One of the main reasons it’s become so popular is because of the usability of the backend, the customization options that can be considered and the thousands of user-verified plugins that are available in the Appstore. But if you are not adding a Shopify CRM to the mix, you’re missing out on building stronger relationships with customers, expanding your marketing arsenal and automating tedious tasks. Here’s why.

What is Shopify CRM?

A Shopify CRM is a customer relationship management software suite that plugs right into your Shopify store via API. It doesn’t require that you download or install anything. In fact, you don’t even need to use the Appstore because it’s a standalone product. This software instantly imports all your Shopify data as well as marketplace data, like Amazon and eBay, giving you instant insight into the ecommerce order activity of your customers.

With this software in place, you’ll see instant customer profiles complete with order timeline, invoice, tracking number, notes, tagging, calendar and so much more. A wide array of key features help you automate things like email marketing, customer responses, tasks and team management, filters, tagging, events and even business intelligence—all so you can grow relationships from day one.

How Does Shopify CRM Work?

The goal of a Shopify CRM is to help you build better relationships from day one. This is accomplished by providing you with key, real-time insights into the activity of your customers. For example, let’s say you wanted to send out a newsletter offering a flash sale, but you wanted to avoid customers that make returns often and you wanted to only attract customers with a high order value. Using action alerts, you’d be able to sort these customers in seconds, craft a catchy email and send out a flash sale that generates instant revenue. This is just one of countless different ways you can use a Shopify CRM to improve your bottom line.

Why Use Shopify CRM?

If you’re looking for a way to gain instant insights into all your cross-channel order data, complete with contacts, profiles, timelines, business intelligence, automators, marketing tools, calendar synch to your G Suite, Outlook or Ical and even event management, tasks, teams and more, a Shopify CRM can help. Using the real-time data from the CRM, you can better manage your inventory decisions, improve relationships with customers, track shipping and returns, and leverage business intelligence to your advantage.

Additionally, leading Shopify CRM services come with available plugins that can automate shipping and returns while connecting you to some serious, instant savings on USPS postage. It’s like an all-in-one ecommerce suite that’s designed to save you time and money while helping you improve the customer journey.

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