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What is Square CRM & How Does it Work?

If you’re looking for a way to improve relationships, get to know your customers better and make the most of every ecommerce transaction, you’ll need to pair your point of sale system with the right software. That’s where a Square CRM solution can come into the picture. What is this type of software though? How does it work with your point of sale provider? And how does it help you build better relationships with your customers?

What is Square CRM?

When you process transactions in Square, they’re logged with some key snippets of data. This data is captured in Square’s backend, but it really doesn’t go beyond that. There isn’t a way to remarket to these faceless transactions, and you don’t really know much beyond the few pieces of data Square sends you.

When you pair Square with ecommerce CRM software, everything changes. The data that you capture from square is automatically imported into the CRM and is filtered into beautifully rendered individual contacts and customer profiles. These come complete with an order timeline, returns and shipping information, invoice and tracking number, filters, tagging, event calendar, notes and so much more.

Now these previously faceless transaction suddenly have some color to them. What’s more, the CRM also captures all of your other market data. too. For example, if you’re selling on Amazon or eBay, you’ll have those transactions as well. This gives you a way to consolidate your business intelligence from across all your sales channels.

Smarter Marketing

The result is that you and your marketing team can make better decisions on who you send emails and newsletters to, how you market your flash sales, what products are being returned more often, and which ones are costing you too much to ship.

A Square CRM isn’t just a way to recapture your data. It’s a powerful way to create a visual identity for each customer and to have a means to build powerful relationships with these customers, including nurturing new sales and maintaining existing relationships.

Additionally, a Square CRM lets you capture this data not just from your Square powered website but also from any swipe, tap or click you make with your Square card reader. Now your relationships are maintained whether you’re selling locally, online or at a convention.

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