5 Reasons We Love Constant Contact & Why You Should Too

As an online retailer, you’re just one of many businesses that is contacting its customers via email. In fact, email still reigns supreme for B2C communication—72% of consumers prefer businesses reach them by email. This means you need an email marketing tool that can optimize your outbound communication.

Constant Contact is a powerful addition to your toolkit that can help you gather and convert leads using professional, on-brand emails. It has features designed specifically for e-tailers, so you can focus on running your online store. Constant Contact will do the rest.

Email Marketing Statistics for 2019

In case you haven’t heard, email marketing is on the rise. 76% of marketers are seeing active growth in their number of email subscribers, and nearly all (92%) of online adults use email. Despite the explosion of social media onto the scene, the original way to communicate online is still the most effective.

Just look at these email marketing statistics for 2019: 

The statistics tell the full story and the conclusion is that your online store should be using an email marketing tool to increase revenue. Constant Contact is one of our favorites, and we highly recommend it.

Here’s why we love Constant Contact and why you should, too.

1. Campaign Tools Improve Format & Scale

Without an email marketing tool, you run the risk of formatting and technical issues. Personal email accounts and Internet service providers (ISPs) limit the number of emails you can send, so a simple Yahoo or Gmail account won’t be enough. Constant Contact, on the other hand, has established a relationship with ISPs that enables the service to send bulk emails to consenting recipients. As your email list grows, you won’t have to stress about your messages ending up in the Spam folder.

Using an email marketing tool also helps you create professional-looking emails that match your existing branding. This is difficult to do if there are no designers on your team, but Constant Contact’s templates make building an email a breeze. What’s even better is that the format won’t be lost when the email is opened on mobile, tablet or desktop. Mobile formatting is especially important. This is because about 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices these days.

2. Constant Contact Protects Online Sellers

As mentioned above, Constant Contact has relationships with ISPs to maintain high inbox delivery rates. This not only means that your message gets seen—about 90% of email gets delivered to the intended recipient’s inbox, according to Forrester research—but you as a sender are protected and compliant, too. Recipients must confirm subscription before being added to an email list, and Constant Contact helps facilitate that process.

Constant Contact also provides the tools you need to comply with laws like CAN-SPAM and CASL. Both laws were passed to curb the amount of unsolicited email consumers received and both have strict limitations on the content of “commercial” emails. Your online store’s messages are, therefore, regulated and required to comply with these laws. But e-tailers have nothing to worry about with a tool like Constant Contact, which requires subscribers to confirm and offers them a one-click option to opt out of emails altogether.

3. Relationships-Building Features

Consumers place trust in the businesses they give their information to, especially the ones who have their email addresses. Subscribers expect respect for their privacy, and Constant Contact delivers. Your contact list will always be kept private, and the easy opt-out keeps subscribers from feeling trapped.

An email marketing service like Constant Contact will also have personalization capabilities, which further enhances your campaigns. Studies show that personalized emails have higher open rates, better traction and six times the transaction and conversion rates of non-personalized messages. Consumers are looking to be understood by brands and develop relationships with them, so simple additions like including their name in an email are key to improved customer retention and long-term loyalty.

4. Rich Analytics & Reporting

Constant Contact gives its users a range of email analytics, from open and click-through rates to campaign comparisons. You’ll see your engagements and a heat map of which links received the most clicks, providing insight into the content your subscribers most want to receive, so you can craft more engaging emails in the future.

Another powerful feature is segmented campaigns, which are proven to drive more revenue than one-size-fits-all emails.

5. It Works with Other Tools

The ecommerce email features of Constant Contact help e-tailers centralize and automate their email marketing. The service connects with platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and others to seamlessly sync contacts, and it can generate web sign-up forms and Facebook lead ads, too.

Constant Contact also automates action-triggered emails, such as welcoming a new prospective customer captured from social media channels or from your online store. Recent reports have found that 71% of shoppers are frustrated with the lack of personalization in their shopping experiences, and they will not engage with a brand that causes them frustration. Therefore, it’s important to capitalize on an opportunity like a new lead.

Try Constant Contact for Free

Luckily for e-tailers, email marketing tools like Constant Contact have come a long way, and it’s easy to integrate with your ecommerce platforms and make it simpler than ever to manage, monitor and improve your email marketing.

Constant Contact offers a free trial with no credit card required, so online retailers can see the difference in their email marketing efforts. As a bonus, ReadyCloud’s Constant Contact CRM software integration helps you tap into the customer journey with detailed reporting. It gives you the ability to filter out serial returners while spotlighting your most popular products to your most loyal shoppers, and in just a few simple clicks.

With improved email communication and a relationship building CRM solution, your online store will be unstoppable.

Need even more tips? Check out this awesome infographic from our partner, Constant Contact.

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