Here’s Our Picks On Best Shopify Apps For E-Tailers

One of the most widely used and popular ecommerce solutions online, Shopify powers more than 120,000 online stores. It is relied upon by businesses of all sizes, including giants like General Electric and even famous bands like the Foo Fighters.

Shopify’s motto is: “Ecommerce made easy.” The powerful ecommerce tools that are provided by Shopify accentuate this notion, offered in the Shopify App Store with countless applications, integrations and software solutions users can choose from to enhance their ecommerce operation.

With a long list of available integrations, it can be tough to know which ones are the best fit for your ecommerce needs. Worry not, dear reader, as we have got you covered. This detailed list includes 33 of the most useful and best Shopify apps. Use it to find the app that you’ve been looking for.

Sync Your Day with SyncSpider

SyncSpider is a universal marketing automation tool for synchronizing web app data across hundreds of channels and platforms. Users can sync all their web app data like contacts, support tickets, tasks and product details to their CRM or to other apps. With SyncSpider, you can easily automate your everyday time-consuming tasks by eliminating any need for copy-pasting the data manually.”

Improve Retention with Loyalty Lion

LoyaltyLion is a fabulous Shopify App that helps you encourage customer loyalty. Users are able to earn social rewards when they refer friends and family to your online store via sharing. It’s a simple way to expand your social presence and attract more sales.


Streamline Backorders with Back in Stock

Back in Stock helps you capitalize on sales that could otherwise be lost due to products being out-of-stock. It lets customers sign-up to be notified when those products are back in stock, helping to cement sales on products you may be out of at the present.

Back in Stock

Get Last-Minute Sales with Product Upsell

Product Upsell is a great tool for increasing the average order value at time of checkout. It shows customers related products as well as products that other users purchased, when they are checking out, to encourage last-minute shopping cart add-ons.

Product Upsell

Reduce Cart Abandonment with Abandon Aid

Abandon Aid is one of the best Shopify Apps for decreasing shopping cart abandonment. It retains the contents of the shopping cart if a user abandons it, letting them resume the shopping where they left off when they return.

Abandon Aid

Increase Awareness with Product Reviews

Product Reviews is an app that lets you easily get customer reviews. It also plugs into social circles like Google Business, so that the reviews that your customers leave are automatically displayed online.

Product Reviews

Get Affiliates with LeadDyno

LeadDyno is one of the best Shopify apps for creating affiliates. You can set-up custom rules and integrate it into your store in just minutes. It will handle tracking who has sold what, when and where, so you can pay affiliates in just a few clicks.


Send Emails with SmartrMail

Smartrmail is a useful email marketing app for Shopify. With this app, you can instantly add products to your emails and increase open rates, click-throughs and purchases based on a shopper’s past purchases and inbox suggestions. SmartrMail also delivers key insights on how much revenue it’s driving to your store, so every email is better than the last.

Add Social Flare with Happy Ending

Happy Ending turbo-boosts your “thank you” page by allowing you to embed social sharing widgets and buttons. Customers can share their shopping experience and purchases on major social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.


Integrate Instagram with Instagration

Instagration lets you connect your Instagram feed directly to your Shopify storefront. It will show detailed entries, photos and everything that you put on your Instagram with simple and fast integration.


Offer Product Insight with Nosto

Nosto helps you encourage stronger upsells by showing shoppers the items that other people bought or the related products. What’s more, they use a revenue based pricing model where you only pay based upon the results that you get.


Get Last-Minute Upsells with Exit Offers

Exit Offers does what the name suggest: lets you create custom-tailored exit offers to shoppers when they are leaving your store or are checking out. This helps you attract more last-minute sales and works to increase the average order value, too.

Exit Offers

Attract Mobile Shoppers with ShopPad

ShopPad is the best Shopify app for tapping into the growing mobile ecommerce market. In just a few quick steps, you will be able to optimize your Shopify store for mobile and tablet users.


Integrate Coupons with Coupon Pop

Coupon Pop helps you grow your social networks and attract sales by enabling socially powered pop-up coupons. You can use the premium templates to help capture sales and shares from customers in real-time.

Coupon Pop

Retarget Abandoners with Persistent Cart

Persistent Cart is another great Shopify app designed to help reduce abandonment. If shoppers add items to the cart but later abandon it, this app will assure that the contents of their cart are intact upon them returning to your store.

Persistent Cart

Streamline SEO with Plug in SEO

Plug in SEO is a wonderful and free app that helps you optimize your store for SEO. It will scan your site to find errors with correction suggestions, and it will walk you through the optimization process.

Plug in SEO

Capture Analytics with SumAll

SumAll brings robust analytics to your Shopify store. It will measure and analyze the interactions of users, the goal funnel, conversions, abandoners, signals and more, so that you can make key changes to increase sales.


Multicarrier Shipping with ReadyShipper

ReadyShipper is a powerful, multi-carrier shipping software solution with direct Shopify integration. It imports your orders for quick and easy sorting and editing, and lets you generate digital postage and shipping labels for faster, more accurate processing. Once orders are shipped, ReadyShipper updates the Shopify shopping cart and your customers with order status and tracking number.


Automate Languages with Langify

Langify is an automated language detection application for Shopify. It will deduce where the user is logging in from, what country and its primary, geo-specific spoken language, and will adjust the content for that, with easy switching and altering options for shoppers.


Connect Your Shopify Apps with Zapier

Zapier lets you instantly integrate your favorite Shopify apps like MailChimp, HipChat and SalesForce. This way, you can integrate these apps without having to fuss over API or installation instructions and confusing set-up jargon.


Automate Returns with ReadyReturns

ReadyReturns e-retailer returns software is a powerful online product returns management solution that has direct Shopify integration. Automate returns and let your customers process a return and print a return shipping label directly from your Shopify store. Once the package has been shipped, you are updated with tracking number and the contents to help better predict and project returns.


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