Spotlight: aACE+ ReadyCloud Integration Makes Shipping Simple for Redd Remedies

Redd Remedies, a manufacturer of nutritional supplements, aims to help consumers put their health in order — but their own technological health was out of sorts. Tired of throwing money away on clunky ERP solutions that didn’t get the job done, they switched to aACE 5 and immediately saw improvements.

One of the biggest returns on their investment has been the aACE+ ReadyCloud ReadyShipper integration. This feature pairs aACE’s comprehensive business management solution with ReadyCloud’s top-of-the-line shipping software for a seamless user experience.

Shipping Efficiencies Crucial to Success

In aACE, once an order is drawn up, the details are automatically handed off to warehouse iPads via the aACE Pick App. Barcode scanners make picking products off the shelf both quick and error-free. After an order has been picked, the details are handed off to ReadyShipper, which calculates costs and prints labels. When the shipment is ready to go, final details are passed back to aACE to charge the customer’s credit card, and if the card is declined, the warehouse is immediately notified to hold it until payment is received.

The aACE+ ReadyCloud integration has helped Redd Remedies reduce picking errors, assisted them in a speedy pick-and-pack process, and prevented unpaid merchandise from going out the door.

aACE + ReadyCloud Integration = Success

Redd Remedies Founder and CEO Daniel Chapman regards the aACE + ReadyCloud integration as one of the biggest successes to come out of his company’s aACE implementation.

“We have been able to reduce order entry errors, minimize order approval due to built-in double checks and accuracy of promotions/campaigns, and drastically improve our ship time from order entry to out-the-door,” Daniel says. “The shipping integration has helped reduce picking errors and assist in a speedy pick and pack process.”

The result? Orders reach their destination faster, making for happier customers — and a healthier bottom line.

About aACE Software

In 2002, the aACE Software founding team came together while developing a business software package that was robust yet appealing for one of midtown Manhattan’s premier creative agencies. As they expanded to create new tools for additional clients, the team organized as Avant Garde Information Solutions, LLC (dba aACE Software). They gradually crafted a compelling product, envisioned as a comprehensive, yet affordable ERP solution for small businesses.

After 15 years of close collaboration with clients from many industries, that initial product has evolved into a software suite designed around the end-user. The aACE 5 suite is artisan software, which our clients describe as a delight to deploy and a pleasure to use. It is a comprehensive tool that seamlessly supports sales, operations, and accounting teams, yet is also flexible, affordable, and elegant. aACE 5 realizes the team’s vision of Art in ERP.

To learn why aACE clients have called our software “the best in everything,” “a major improvement over QuickBooks,” and “a critical component to the success of our company’s future,” visit:

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