Top Shopping Cart Abandonment Reasons

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What are the leading cart abandonment reasons at your online store? While all ecommerce ventures share some common interests, each store really is unique when all is said and done. What may cause customers to abandon a shopping cart at one store may have no impact at another.

A few of the leading shopping cart abandonment reasons include:

  • 55% of all cart abandonment reasons have to do with shipping prices.
  • 35% of stores do not feature a security badge.
  • 24% of the time no delivery information is offered.

When culling through various shopping cart abandonment statistics, a few of the dots can be easily connected. When trying to deduce what is causing shoppers to be reluctant to close the deal when they are in the shopping cart, one must examine an online store from top to bottom.

Primary cart abandonment reasons across the board include concerns over shipping prices, a guest checkout, speed of shipping, website speed and even the online apparel returns policy. Combined, these leading reason contributed to a staggering rate of abandonment that is approximately 67.91%.

To help you reduce the cart abandonment rate at your online store, we’ve already created a very in-depth and detailed guide that illustrates all the necessary steps. But before you read “The Super Simple Checklist to Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates at Your Online Store” – make sure you have a look at this infographic below. It will help you better understand how customers approach shopping carts, what they want, and why they will either abandon the cart or convert into a sale for one reason or another.