Amazon-Like Returns for Your BigCommerce Store

How easy are returns at your store? Studies show that if they are not fast, convenient and instant, your customers won’t stick around too long. This is why stores like Amazon have enjoyed such massive growth. Now you can offer a Prime-like shopping experience at your online store with ReadyReturns. It’s fully automated BigCommerce returns software, complete with custom rules, detailed reporting, multiple warehouse integration, and easy setup. ReadyReturns lets customers process a return in under a minute from desktop and mobile devices, with UPS and USPS return shipping label options. Are you ready to improve retention and get more sales?

  • Integrates directly with your BigCommerce store
  • Fully automates your return policy
  • Generates prepaid UPS or USPS return labels
  • Delivers real-time tracking reports and aging reports
  • Includes an RMA widget to process returns via phone
  • Customizeable settings give you complete control
  • Offer hassle-free and seamless returns
  • Provides UPS and USPS drop-off locations via Google Maps
  • Connects to your existing warehouses
  • Plug and play system – no coding needed
  • Lets you offer an Amazon-like return process
  • Get unlimited storage in the cloud

Revolutionary Returns Start at $99/Month

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Hassle-Free Returns Automation for BigCommerce

How does your return policy stack up to the competition? If you are not making returns easy, fast and hassle-free, you’re losing customers to your competitor every day. With ReadyReturns returns software for Bigcommerce, you can offer a streamlined return processing solution that you control. Make returns as easy as buying, and your customers will keep coming back to your store again and again.

Easy Setup

We designed ReadyReturns to be simple to use and easy to setup. You won’t have to fuss with any coding or confusing steps. It integrates directly into your existing BigCommerce store in just a few clicks. Once you have added it to your live Apps, simply access ReadyReturns to determine your rules, settings and design schemes. After that, connect your UPS and USPS shipper accounts, and you are ready to make returns a breeze.

Custom Rules

ReadyReturns BigCommerce returns software gives you complete control over your return policy with a focus on 100% automation. You determine what items can or cannot be returned, any associated return-by dates, return shipping and even restocking fees from the dashboard. You can update your rules at any time, and set it and forget it. ReadyReturns makes returns effortless.

Detailed Reporting

Who’s making a return and for what reason? Do you have serial returners? Are certain products getting too many returns? With the integrated reporting tools in ReadyReturns, you can know for sure, so you can make changes to your bottom line that reduces cost and improve profits. ReadyReturns integrates into ReadyCloud CRM, too, to give you complete visibility of each customer, their buying, shipping and returns habits.

Improve Customer Service

Did you know that a hassle-free returns policy appeals to over 80% of shoppers that buy things online? Consumers want the return process to be as simple and as streamlined as the buying process was or they will take their business to another store. Now you can assure your loyal shoppers that buying and returning are seamless and easy at your online store with ReadyReturns.

Add “Amazon-Like” Returns to Your Online Store

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