+ ADD FACEBOOK SHOP To The ReadyCloud Suite

ReadyCloud Suite gives you the tools you need to create a seamless consumer experience for your Facebook Shop customers with complete order visibility, instant customer updates, fast shipping and easy returns. Download the premade Zapier template (below) to connect your Shop.



Elevate your Facebook Shop to create an amazing customer experience after the Buy button. Ship orders faster, make returns easier and improve communications between you and your customers. Start now by connecting your Facebook Shop to ReadyCloud through our free Zapier template.

See All Your Channels From The Dashboard


ReadyCloud’s integrated dashboard gives you information you won’t find on Facebook Shop for complete visibility into all of your sales channels, including orders, tracking numbers, shipping status and returns, and so much more!

Action Alerts

Keep your customers in the loop with text and email updates on their Facebook Shop order status, shipments and returns for complete visibility.

Action Alerts works with Facebook’s unique email/SMS system to send critical updates, like order, shipping and return status. 

ReadyShipper X


You’ve gotten to where you are today by being a social media brand ambassador; not by packing boxes. ReadyShipper has you covered with its user-friendly and time-saving features that help you ship packages quickly.

ReadyShipper handles your imports, sorting, editing, updates and rates all in just a few clicks, and comes with baked-in USPS savings.

Prime-Like Returns


Your shoppers enjoy following you but do they enjoy shopping with you if they have to make a return? Plug-in ReadyReturns and make every shopping experience memorable with a “Prime-like” return system customers are already familiar with.

ReadyReturns works with Facebook Shop, giving you the tools you need to make returns as easy for consumers as they are on Amazon.