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ReadyShipper is the original creator of the world’s most intelligent shipping software for FedEx. Via our partnership with them, we have designed a direct integration that works for PC or Mac users. We also pledge to never tax your growth. This means that whether you are shipping 10 packages per day or 100, your rate will always remain the same.

Our software is compatible with the most popular accounting, order and inventory management and e-commerce platforms out there today. Get started with ReadyShipper FedEx shipping software by activating your 14-day trial today!


Sale Channels

Our software is compatible with the most popular accounting, order and inventory management and ecommerce platforms out there today. Chances are that we already have your integration available in the App Store. If you don’t see it there, check back soon because we are adding new integrations and plugins all the time!

Easy Editing

ReadyShipper FedEx shipping software allows you to easily edit any of your batches. You can use the Order Browser to select orders in either groups or one at a time. You can then edit the orders one by one or in batch to save time and money. This is great for larger commercial shipments, where you can press one button to update all your orders.

Improve Accuracy

Never wonder if you made a ship order error again. We all know that shipping errors can result in costly returns and irate customers. ReadyShipper FedEx shipping software includes our signature Shipping Genie. It will scan your active outbound shipments and find and help you correct errors before you send them off mistakenly.

Professional Labels

You can now print all the FedEx shipping labels that you need. Print from your thermal printer in 4″x6″ or 4″x8″, or use our signature all-in-one shipping labels that print from a standard laser or inkjet computer on a 8×5″x11″ sheet.

Shipping Discounts

With ReadyShipper X, you gain access to the best rates on USPS Priority Mail and Priority Express Mail. Find out whether it makes more sense to ship using FedEx or another carrier, and all by pressing one button. These included and instant discounts are savings you won’t find anywhere else.

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