Ready to make every interaction with your customers count? The ReadyCloud Suite is a powerful Magento CRM that works with both Magento 1 and 2. It plugs right into your Magento store and instantly imports of all your orders. Next, something amazing happens: It creates detailed contacts and customer profiles from all your order data.

See your customers in a whole new light with detailed order, shipping and return timelines. Manage your  day with integrated team tasks with tagging, customer-focused notes, color-coded calendar, email marketing integrations and premium Shipping and Returns automation plugins that you can add from the Appstore for a complete ecommerce solution.

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ReadyCloud Suite Features

Find out who is buying what, when and why. Track orders from origination to shipment and even returns. Create detailed customer profiles with the ability to add notes with tagging, events and calendar entries. Never miss out on a sales chance again when you have ReadyCloud powering your CRM for Magento.

+ ADD Square To The ReadyCloud Suite

Point of sale systems are not designed to build relationships. But it’s the relationships that you build with your customers that lead to the sales that you process from the POS. Now there’s way to connect both sides with the ReadyCloud Suite.


See it all from the ReadyCloud Magento CRM dashboard. Find out what’s trending and what’s not. Better manage cost with the shipping profitability calculator. Connect with your team via integrated tasks and alerts. Access any customer’s account in just a click, or search to find them in contacts or via tagging. Identify hot products, create email marketing lists, add notes to customer profiles, and organize and use your data like you’ve never able to before.

Order Detail

ReadyCloud is more than just a Magento CRM; it’s a cross-channel ecommerce CRM solution for online retailers. View every order in real-time, as it comes into your ReadyCloud dashboard directly from your Magento, Amazon or eBay store. Get a real picture at your numbers with cross-channel data that helps you build better relationships with customers and work more cohesively with your back office team.


Put the “M” in CRM with real-time tasks that help you and your team stay ahead of the curve. ReadyCloud Magento CRM lets you create unlimited tasks complete with tagging, notes and file attachments. Assign these tasks to team members, set a due date and add notes to the stream to see the task through to completion. You can even tag customer profiles, orders, invoices and more. With real-time alerts for you and your team, you’re in control of a busy day.

App Store

Add more power to your CRM with apps from the App Store. ReadyCloud is much more than just a Magento CRM app – our team is hard at work sucking down coffee to create new integrations for our users all the time. Take a look at our growing list of apps. Make sure you check back soon, as we are always announcing something new and exciting!


Use this Magento CRM extension to connect with your customers like never before with instantly created and elaborate customer contacts and profiles. See each customer’s complete order, shipping and return history in real time with tracking, reports, tagging, customer-focused notes, invoices, shipping timeline and so much more.


Tackle your day head-on with the Apple-inspired calendar in this CRM extension for Magento. Use the color-coding feature to make your events stand-out. Add contacts to any given event or date with the tagging feature. Set important reminders and to-dos that help you stay organized and efficient. Make CRM software for Magento more efficient with this handy, built-in feature.


Enhance customer profiles with the notes feature. This is an amazing customer service tool that can help you jot down any important information during a service/support call, or that can help you remember to call a customer about certain sales events and more.


ReadyCloud CRM isn’t just a relationship-building software solution. Take things to the next level with integrated Magento Returns Software (ReadyReturns) and Magento Shipping Software (ReadyShipper). Both can be added as premium plugins in the Appstore for an added monthly fee.

No Credit Card Info Needed!


ReadyShipper was designed to make shipping hassle-free for your online business. It features a long list of user-friendly features and built-in shipping savings that add up fast. Start shipping the easier, smarter way today.

Save time and frustration by automating the most tedious aspects of running your online store. ReadyShipper’s powerful feature set automates things like order import, sorting, editing and more, so you can focus on your business and not shipping.

Who doesn’t want to save money on shipping? With ReadyShipper, you get connected to immediate discounts on USPS with Flat Rate Select. Save on the packages that you ship the most and watch as the cash adds up.

ReadyShipper can generate all the standard thermal shipping labels that you need. Or you can use ReadyLabels and print all-in-one invoices that include a peel-out label and a comment card to make order fulfillment even faster.

Get to know the features of ReadyShipper firsthand with our fully unlocked 14-day free trial. Find out why countless retailers use our software to help make their day a little bit easier. Get started now!

ReadyReturns takes the hassles out of processing returns for you and for your customers. This ReadyCloud CRM plugin drops right into your online store, and is loaded with powerful features and functions.

Ecommerce has a 66% return rate. Studies have found that customers want easy returns from retailers or they will shop elsewhere. Now you can attract more sales by making returns effortless for your customers.

With ReadyReturns, your returns policy becomes automated. Customers can process the return and generate a shipping label right from your online store. It can even communicate with your regional warehouses.

Your return policy rules are easily set in ReadyReturns. From return by dates to shipping fees, restocking fees and more. You can even update the rules at any time by simply logging in to the software and making changes.

Knowing your customers’ habits can help you reduce returns and improve loyalty and retention. ReadyReturns communicates with ReadyCloud CRM, so you can get a full picture of your returns process across all your sales channels.