Offer Prime-Like Shopping with Seamless Magento Returns

Returns Happen®. How you approach Magento product returns management can mean the difference in strong sales and good retention or the latter. With ReadyReturns Magento returns software, you’ll be in the driver’s seat towards increasing customer loyalty.

ReadyReturns is a powerful Magento product returns extension that was designed to make it easy and streamlined for you to offer your customers a simpler, faster and more efficient way to make online product returns. The plug-and-play interface integrates into your online in just minutes with no coding required.

With our Magento returns module powering your reverse logistics, your customers can initiate a return directly from your website. This Magento RMA solution can be placed wherever you like via iFrame, allowing your customers to self-initiate a return in just seconds, including printing a return shipping label, paying any return shipping fees or restocking costs and being issued a return tracking number. Make returns easy for you and for your customers by adding “Prime-Like” returns to your Magento store today!

  • Instantly integrates into your 3dcart store
  • Automates returns for your customers
  • Allows customers to create prepaid UPS/USPS return labels
  • Real-time tracking and reports keep you up-to-date
  • Includes RMA Magento widget for your phone staff
  • Control your return policy with custom rules
  • Detailed reporting helps you reduce returns
  • UPS and USPS drop-off locations via Google Maps
  • Can be setup to communicate with your warehouses
  • Setup takes less than five minutes – no coding required
  • Add Prime-like returns to your online store
  • Comes with unlimited cloud storage
ReadyReturns Pricing


Per Site/Month, Billed Monthly.
Each user requires a ReadyCloud
CRM license.
Easy Setup - No Coding Required
Pay-On-Use UPS/USPS Labels
Charge Customers for Returns
Includes Call Center Interface
Customizable Rules for Return
Return Aging/Tracking Reports
Includes Mobile User Interface
Multiple Warehouse Support
RMA and Repair Options

Powerful & User-Friendly Magento Returns Extension

More than 80% of consumers have made it clear in recent surveys that they want hassle-free returns and an easy way to return a product they ordered online. ReadyReturns gives you a powerful returns management solution for Magento that makes it easy for you and your valuable customers to process returns.

Easy Setup

ReadyReturns is an easy-to-use and setup Magento RMA extension that takes just minutes to add to your website. We offer full support to help you along the way. But no coding or programming know-how is needed. Just follow the simple setup steps and you’ll be offering “Prime-like” returns in no time.

Custom Rules

ReadyReturns gives you complete control over Magento return processing. You can set custom rules for each product that determine a number of elements including common things like return-by dates, return processing or shipping fees, items that can or cannot be returned and so much more.

Detailed Reporting

Understanding your data is critical for return management in Magento. With the detailed reporting in ReadyReturns, you can identify products that have a high return rate, so you can make small changes that help you reduce returns and improve your bottom line. Use this reporting to learn more about your products, customers and inventory.

Improve Customer Service

Recent studies have found that easy returns mean repeat customers. In fact, UPS studied the habits of consumers and determined that when a customer comes back to your website to place a return, there’s a 44% chance that they’ll make a new sale. Not only does ReadyReturns Magento returns software help you improve customer service, it also helps you earn second-chance sales, too!

Add “Prime-Like” Returns to Your Magento Store

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