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If you are an existing ReadyShipper 7 user, you’ve come to the right place. On this page you will find resources linking you to FAQs, our searchable knowledge base and an extensive library of tutorial videos that will help you master the basics. Whether you need help connecting to, importing your CSV files or have general questions regarding your account, you will find what you need using one of these helpful links.

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ReadyShipper 7.6.6 (Build O267)
This release updates some of the third party integrations.

New with Amazon: updated to work with the new Amazon APIs. New with UPS: rename ship via from UPS Online to simply UPS.
New with Channel Advisor: support for the Mail Innovations ship via. Fixed with Channel Advisor: error when updating related to ship costs.
Fixed with BigCommerce: not importing item details. Fix for Mac users: ‘Program Component Error’.

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ReadyShipper Manuals

Looking for something to take with you? Try the ReadyShipper Manuals and General Downloads. Here you will find PDF manuals, a sample all-in-one form, the latest Java download to run ReadyShipper, and a sample CSV order file. Use the sample CSV file with the sample import map included in ReadyShipper.

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