Data loss has always been a pain point when switching platforms, but with ReadyCloud CRM it’s never been easier!

Stop being held hostage by your data. It’s your data, and ReadyCloud CRM lets you take it with you! Sync ReadyCloud to any compatible store before your migration to preserve your customer contact and complete order history in an orders-based CRM that’s built for ecommerce.

ReadyCloud’s robust feature set give’s retailers everything they need to succeed in ecommerce. From integrated tasks and team management to detailed reporting, event calendar, customer-focused notes, tagging and sorting features and so much more. Premium plugins like ReadyShipper X add a powerful, hybrid-cloud shipping solution, while others, like ReadyReturns, add “Prime-like” returns to any online store.

Wondering: How do I take my Shopify data with me when I choose a different store? Perhaps you want to migrate your Magento data to a new shopping cart? Maybe you want to know if there is a way to save your WooCommerce order data, too! As long as ReadyCloud can connect to your cart or platform, you can retain that data in just a few simple and easy steps!


Ready to switch ecommerce platforms? ReadyCloud CRM makes it easy to take your data with you. Just plug ReadyCloud CRM into your existing platform and synch your data. Next, add the platform you’re switching too, and keep all your customer contacts, orders, invoices, tracking numbers, shipment, return and reporting data.

It’s Your Data… Now You Can Keep It.

ReadyCloud gives you complete control over your data. Keep all your order history, including customer data, sales data and more when changing to a new cart. Just sync ReadyCloud with your old cart then connect it to your new cart and roll. It’s your data. Now you can take it with you.


Keep your customer order history in tact with ReadyCloud CRM, no matter what platform you switch to! That’s because ReadyCloud CRM instantly imports orders from across all your sales channels, creating detailed customer profiles complete with order detail, invoice and tracking number, shipping and returns information to give you a 360-degree view of the customer journey.