+ ADD ZAPIER To The ReadyCloud Suite

New to the ReadyCloud Suite is Zapier, a direct API integration with an online automation tool that helps connect different apps and services. ReadyCloud uses Zapier to synch your ReadyCloud account with popular products and services you’re already using, like Google, Fresh Desk and Zen Desk.


Types of Zaps

The ReadyCloud Zapier integration gives you the freedom to create custom Zaps that sync the information of your choosing. Creating new Zaps is easy and there are lots of standard templates you can use on Zapier, or you can design a Zap from scratch to suit your needs.

Smarter Support

ReadyCloud won’t replace your Help Desk software, it will make it better. Every customer interaction is captured as a Contact note in ReadyCloud. Now you will see what customer’s bought, when and how often as well as if they communicated with your support agents to make it a successful sale or if there are open issues.

Automatically log the full customer journey from sale to fulfillment, support and return to get a full view of your customer history. ReadyCloud will cut customer service costs and bring the best out of your other systems.

ZenDesk, FreshDesk and HelpScout are all supported.

Missed a Call?

Connect VOIP, featuring RingCentral, to capture missed calls and automatically post them as a ReadyCloud Note. If the phone number or caller ID is matched to a contact, ReadyCloud will post a note to that contact so you always have a record of your last interaction.

Your missed calls are listed in a rundown of your daily activity. Now you know what you’ve been missing.

Get all the Chatter

Chat is great. Don’t leave your chats behind. Your chats with customers can reveal important support issues, upsell opportunities and engage new business.

Make the most of chat. See your interactions summarized in ReadyCloud and automatically assigned to existing a contact or customer. Then, create a follow-up Event or Action Alert to keep your new leads engaged and the communication flowing.

Organize Your Books

Stay on top of your record-keeping the easy way! Just connect the QuickBooks Zapier integration to ReadyCloud and organize your books better. When synced, each new customer order is automatically associated with an existing customer in your QuickBooks or a new customers entry is made. It means less work for you and fewer headaches for your accountant.

Track Inventory & Orders from Anywhere

A well-managed inventory means more sales and fewer out-of-stocks. The Trade Gecko Zapier integration helps you stay on top of your inventory levels across all your sales channels, even ones that are not directly supported by ReadyCloud. Orders that come in from Trade Gecko will be added to existing customer profiles or will generate a new one instantly.

ReadyCloud Suite Features

ReadyCloud is a suite of connected systems designed to improve the way you work. Shipping, Returns, Growth Marketing and more are all connected through ReadyCloud for better communications from Admin to Operations… all without a bazillion tabs.

No Credit Card Info Needed!