5 Reasons Text Message Marketing Software is Essential to eCommerce Businesses

Businesses can use ecommerce SMS marketing to communicate with customers and prospects wherever they may be. This increases customer loyalty and enhances the customer experience. In reality, SMS message marketing software has a significant impact on how advertising is delivered to customers.

You can use SMS marketing software to increase your marketing effectiveness in five ways:

  1. Mobile users are more numerous than ever.

There are 5.27 billion mobile phone users worldwide, most of who can send and receive SMS messages. It should be clear that mobile phones are more than communication devices – they’re a crucial element of eCommerce. The statistics show that 79% of smartphone users purchased something online in the last six months. Shopping centers are already available on smartphones, making SMS marketing the most effective way to reach shoppers.

  1. Greater audience reach

SMS marketing software offers several advantages for businesses, including that receiving them requires no internet connection; just a working phone is all that is needed. Considering the increased use of mobile phones, SMS is nothing short of a goldmine. Customers can be reached at the touch of a button, allowing businesses to reach a broader audience.

  1. It strengthens customer loyalty.

Incoming texts don’t have division on phones. Therefore, if you send a customer a text promoting a loyalty reward, they’ll undoubtedly see it. By making an offer that a customer finds valuable, you are on your way to earning their trust since they will realize that you are only messaging them about content they find helpful. You may end up gaining their loyalty over time.

  1. Other marketing channels can be integrated with it.

Other marketing software seamlessly integrates with text marketing. By combining your other marketing methods, you can maximize their effectiveness.

In the case of a non-purchased item left in a customer’s cart, you may follow up with an automatic text sent by your website marketing automation platform. Your customer might need to see this text to make a purchase.

  1. It reaches a broad audience.

With so many people owning mobile phones these days, if not smartphones, text messaging has a broad reach. By using this text-based urgency, you can keep your business and its offerings in the minds of your customers. Additionally, your message will stand out since promotional content in someone’s inbox is typically rarer than in their texts.

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