10 Reasons to Implement Ecommerce Shipping Software into Your Direct Sales or MLM Business

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If you work in or operate a direct sales or multilevel marketing business you don’t have to be told how highly competitive it is. With an increased shift toward online shopping by consumers, having an ecommerce shipping software solution for your business to stay relevant and competitive is more vital than ever. In fact, according to Statista online sales have increased year-over-year since 2014.

In this article we’ll go over 10 of the key benefits of implementing an ecommerce shipping software solution into your direct sales or multilevel marketing business.

  1. Globalization and Digitization

Bringing your direct sales or multilevel marketing business online with a MLM shipping software solution gives you the capability to bring your brand and inventory onto a global scale. Shoppers will be able to access your website and products, make purchases and have items delivered anywhere in the world.

Consider also the addition of an online store for your business, accompanied with your already existing direct sales network will increase profit margins significantly. Customers will be able to purchase products online, at any time, on any device, without making orders directly with you or your sales teams. This will save time for your sales associates to pursue leads and make new sales.

  1. Lead Generation

With a direct sales shipping software solution, lead generation is incorporated into the platform using a customer relationship management system (CRM). All customer information is shared between both marketing and sales teams to ensure your business has a greater chance to turn leads into sales conversions.

  1. Personalized Shopping and Data Collection

An ECRM offers customers a personalized shopping experience based off of past purchases, likes, interests and shopper tendencies. When a customer is addressed by name, receives emails or texts with merchandise that they are interested in, cross-selling opportunities are opened and sales increase. In fact, according to McKinsey & Company targeted online marketing programs increase sales by 20 percent and profits by 30 percent, respectively.

  1. Business Analytics

Business analytics give a wide range of valuable data and insight: sales, customer purchasing tendencies, text message and email click-through rates are a few of the many features that help to measure the success of your marketing strategy and if your company is growing its online presence.

  1. Customer Service

Customer service software is integrated into an ecommerce shipping software solution. With access to customer profiles, inventory and shipping data all in one place provided by a CRM system, customer service teams can better assist shoppers and keep satisfaction high.

  1. Inventory and Order Management

Integrated with your online stores shopping cart, SKU management systems will keep track of inventory in real time and prevent out of stocks enabling you to focus on other objectives.

  1. Shipping

Today’s direct sales shipping software is an all-encompassing and comprehensive solution to your shipping needs. Import and ship orders from anywhere to everywhere, instantly see orders, select carrier(s), print shipping labels onsite, automate everything that can be automated within the shipping process and gain access to shipping discounts using a multicarrier solution. Ecommerce shipping software makes the stress of shipping virtually nonexistent.

  1. Post Purchase Texts and Emails

Just to name a few benefits, post purchase texts and emails confirm a customer’s order, give vital shipping information, make the customer feel valued and reduce strain on customer service tickets regarding shipping questions.

  1. Integration with your Direct Sales or MLM Business Model

Today’s direct sales shipping software can be integrated into almost any business model. Streamlining your business and improving customer experience from point-of-sale to delivery today with the right solution powering your growth.