Here’s Our 21 Favorite Statistics on Growth Marketing

How has growth marketing helped companies gain the upper hand and find their edge? These 21 statistics on growth marketing will help you better understand.

Keeping up with the competition in marketing is a never-ending task in a world that is always changing. Ensuring that your business is staying up to date on current trends and tactics can almost seem daunting.

What’s the best way to know your company is staying relevant and not trailing behind your rivals?

Comparing market average statistics to your business’s success will allow you to identify any weaknesses or areas that can be improved. We’ll cover a few statistics ranging from SEO and content marketing to social media, video marketing, email marketing, lead generation, advertising and sales.

Here’s our 21 favorite statistics on growth marketing that will help you gauge your company’s marketing relevancy.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO lets you know how consumers are searching for your business and competitors online. Optimizing and implementing an SEO strategy for your online store will increase company visibility and sales.

1. SEO drives 1000%+ more traffic than organic research. [Brightedge, 2019]

2. 70% of respondents said that SEO is better than PPC for generating sales according to a survey conducted by Databox. [Databox, 2019]

Content Marketing

The purpose of content marketing is to create media that expresses the integral points of your business and to inform customers about your brand.

3. 70% of marketers invest in content marketing. [HubSpot, 2021]

4. WordPress users produce about 70 million new posts and 77 million new comments each month. [WordPress, 2020]

Social Media

There are many different forms of social media – understanding how to utilize these mediums to market your business effectively will let you reach more customers and increase conversion rates.

5. 79% of video marketers use Facebook as a video marketing channel. [Wyzowl, 2019]

6. LinkedIn is the second-most popular social media platform used by B2B, ranking only behind Facebook. [Statista, 2019]

7. During a fall 2020 survey, Snapchat was the most important social media network for 44% of US teens. [Statista, 2020]

Video Marketing

One of the more effective mediums of marketing, video marketing is a very powerful way of attracting and converting customers to your brand.

8. 92% of video marketers say feel the level of competition has increased in the past year. [Wyzowl, 2020]

9. 96% of marketers have placed ad spend on a video. [Animoto, 2020]

Email Marketing

It’s still effective! That’s right, email marketing continues to be vital to customer engagement. Understanding how others are using email to their company’s benefit will help you increase click-through rates.

10. Roughly 80% of marketers have reported an increase in email engagement over the past 12 months. [HubSpot, 2020]

11. Hobbies have the highest click rate, at 5.01%. [Mailchimp, 2019]

Lead Generation

Generating leads is how your business attracts and converts interested consumers into paying customers. Statistics on lead generation will let you know the best ways to generate more leads with digital marketing strategies and in turn increase revenue.

12. Ad placement and audience targeting are the top ways that advertisers drive more demand. [HubSpot, 2020]

13. 92% of B2B marketers now have account-based marketing programs, and 68% use automation. [Salesforce, 2020]


Advertising that resonates with customers increases conversion rates and sales. Statistics on advertising will help you understand the best way to utilize this medium.

14. 527 million people used mobile browsers that block ads by default in 2019 – a 64% increase from the last edition of the report. [Blockthrough, 2020]

15. Mobile advertising spending is expected to surpass $240 billion dollars by 2022. [Statista, 2021]

16. 68% of marketers stated that paid advertising is “very important” or “extremely important” to their overall marketing strategy. [HubSpot, 2020]

Marketing Technology

Market technology trend statistics will help your business decide which medium is best to connect with your customers.

17. 28% of customers resolve issues with a company via messaging [Zendesk, 2020]

18. 75% of smartphone users expect to get immediate information while using their smartphone. [Think with Google, 2019]


Marketing and sales teams seem to always be at odds, but when both are well connected to each other and have the same information on customers it will significantly boost their performance.

19. 61% of over-performing leaders use their CRM automate parts of their sales process versus 46% of under-performing leaders. [HubSpot, 2020]

20. The global CRM market is poised to reach about $113.46 billion by the end of 2027. [Global Newswire, 2021]

21. Top-performing salespeople believe they receive better leads from marketing. Almost all, (94%) of the top performers surveyed in the LinkedIn study called the marketing leads they receive “excellent” or “good.” [LinkedIn, 2020]

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