22 Game-Changing WooCommerce Plugins

How you run your WooCommerce store can mean the different between steady sales or poor conversion rates. Since shoppers have plenty of options to consider these days, it’s imperative that you capture them as quickly and as efficiently as possible, lest you risk losing said shopper to a rival store.

With this in mind, here are 22 game-changing WooCommerce plugins and apps that you can integrate into your storefront to make your site more attractive and useful to your target demographic.

[mk_ornamental_title font_family=”Arial Black, Gadget, sans-serif” font_type=”safefont” font_size=”20″ ornament_style=”rovi-double”]Mobile Integrations[/mk_ornamental_title]

WooSales Mobile


WooSales Mobile is a user-friendly Android app for WooCommerce that allows you to see your sales streams in real-time. It also provides product order history and features helpful reports and analytics that can allow you to track and monitor your WooCommerce store on the go.

App Price: Free – Info & Download

Candy Cart


Ever wanted to show off your WooCommerce store in the form of an iOS app for Apple users? With this app, now you can. Using this app, you can allow your customers to shop on your WooCommerce store via your mobile app.

It is able to integrate most of the variables and features, like product types, group products, external links and more. You can even incorporate your WordPress blog into your mobile app, too.

App Price: $44 – Info & Download

[mk_ornamental_title font_family=”Arial Black, Gadget, sans-serif” font_type=”safefont” font_size=”20″ ornament_style=”rovi-double”]Payment Gateways[/mk_ornamental_title]

PayPal Advanced Payment Gateway


Allow your customers to enjoy seamless shopping and checkout on your WooCommerce website without having to worry about your site’s security or encryption.

PayPal handles all that for you, while hiding the fact that they are your payment processor. Accept all payment forms and offer a clean and professional shopping cart experience.

Gateway Price: $28 – Info & Download

PayPal Express Payment Gateway

PayPal Express

Feature fast, express checkouts at your WooCommerce store with the option to use PayPal as a preferred payment method. Let your customers choose whether they want to use traditional payment processing or expedited PayPal Express Checkout.

Gateway Price: $79 – Info & Download

BeanStream Gateway


Use your BeanStream account to process secure online payments at your website. Some advanced integration steps are required, and that makes this app useful for more advanced users or for users who have a dedicated website designer.

Feature a seamless shopping experience with a custom integrated payment gateway.

Gateway Price: $28 – Info & Download

2Checkout Gateway


With a wide array of customization options, including 15 different available languages, over 25 different currencies and much more, you can even offer to accept EFT with this useful payment gateway.

You’ll need a 2Checkout account, which can also be linked to a 2Checkout Mastercard for easy and instant access to your funds.

Gateway Price: $28 – Info & Download



Now you can accept payments of all types and in many different currencies, and securely, at your online store. The WorldPay plugin for WooCommerce takes the burden off worrying about site security and will put your customers’ minds at ease when they are checking out.

Gateway Price: $28 – Info & Download



With the Stripe plugin for WooCommerce, you can now accept all payment forms at your website securely. The funds are processed via Stripe, which can also store the customer’s data in your Stripe account. This allows customers to actually save a card on file for easier, faster future purchases.

Gateway Price: $28 – Info & Download

[mk_ornamental_title font_family=”Arial Black, Gadget, sans-serif” font_type=”safefont” font_size=”20″ ornament_style=”rovi-double”]Social Plugins[/mk_ornamental_title]

Social Coupon


A great way to increase conversions and improve retention, Social Coupon allows you to create custom coupons that offer users discounts on your products and services. These coupons are sharable with easy social sharing tools imbedded into them.

Offer instant discounts to increase sales and decrease bounce rates. Use the power of social media to gain traffic and conversions back to your WooCommerce store.

Plugin Price: $22 – Info & Download

Viral Coupon


Want to gain more social shares and increase your sales? What WooCoomerce shopkeeper doesn’t? With Viral Coupon you can offer coupons that require that your customers “share,” “like,” “tweet,” etc., your product or store to get an instant discount.

As you can imagine, it’s a pretty popular way to encourage customers to not only tell their friends but to also make a purchase during their visit.

Plugin Price: $17 – Info & Download

Social Commerce


Get your WooCommerce store on Facebook with this handy plugin. It allows you to incorporate your store directly into your Facebook Fan Page. This allows your social customers to shop seamlessly on your Fan Page or at your online store. A must-have for social media brand ambassadors.

Plugin Price: $33 – Info & Download

MailChimp Subscribe


Grow your organic mailing list with this very useful plugin for WooCommerce. The MailChip subscribe plugin allows you to feature a newsletter signup table for your shoppers. It directly integrates into your MailChimp account, and also comes with a widget for the dashboard.

Plugin Price: $15 – Info & Download

Loyalty Rewards


Use the proven rewards system to grow your target market and increase sales and conversions. Set the rules of the rewards and assign points for customer completion of key tasks; like reviewing or rating a product, sharing it on social media, making multiple purchases and much more.

Plugin Price: $22 – Info & Download

[mk_ornamental_title font_family=”Arial Black, Gadget, sans-serif” font_type=”safefont” font_size=”20″ ornament_style=”rovi-double”]Color Filters for Products[/mk_ornamental_title]

WooCommerce Color Filter


Studies have shown that shoppers are more responsive to color filters on the products. With this plugin, you can now instantly add integrated color filters to all your products in only a few clicks. You just add the widget to the pages where you want to add color filters and it does the rest of the work for you.

Plugin Price: $18 – Info & Download

WooCommerce Custom Availability


If you have ever wanted to customize the look of product availability listings in WooCommerce, this plugin was created just for you. Since these features are coded into the shopping cart, they often don’t leave room for customization.

Using this plugin, you can change the boring “out of stock” message to something more appealing like: “Back ordered until May 1st, place order to reserve with special discount.” As you can see, this would be much more persuasive than just telling customers you don’t have a product in stock.

Plugin Price: $16 – Info & Download

[mk_ornamental_title font_family=”Arial Black, Gadget, sans-serif” font_type=”safefont” font_size=”20″ ornament_style=”rovi-double”]Functionality & Display Plugins[/mk_ornamental_title]

WooCommerce Custom Zero Price


Do you have products in your WooCommerce store that you want to have customers phone you about regarding the price? Until now, they would just show up as “product with no price.” This plugin allows you to post a message to those products, asking customers to call you for a price. You can also custom design your messages to make them look more appealing.

Plugin Price: $9 – Info & Download

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates


Using this plugin, you can synchronously import your Amazon products while using a wide range of search filters to grab them from your Amazon store or the affiliate store that you are selling from. It allows you to import up to 10 products at once, with 10 pages available per category that you assign.

Plugin Price: $33 – Info & Download

WooCommerce Restrict Quantity


A simple, useful WooCommerce plugin, it allows you to add a dropdown menu that can have the “quantity” field disabled. You can, similarly, enable this field as well. This allows you to either offer single or multiple purchases from any product listing.

Plugin Price: $17 – Info & Download

Measurement Price Calculator for WooCommerce


Enable your customers to know what they’ll pay for size or weight-based products on your WooCommerce store. This is ideal for shopkeepers who are selling things like textiles, flooring, fabrics and packing materials, to provide a few examples.

This plugin allows you to integrate an easy shopping cart calculator that shoppers can use to determine the cost of their purchase, one that instantly plugs into your site and helps you process size and weight-based orders.

Plugin Price: $129 – Info & Download

Fancy Product Preview


This nifty plugin creates a gallery of product thumbnails that enlarge whenever a mouse scrolls over them. This allows you to feature snippets of content alongside thumbnails, which can enlarge to bigger product pictures or even image galleries when scrolled over.

Plugin Price: $17 – Info & Download

Product Slider Carousel


Spice up your WooCommerce store with this awesome product slider carousel. It can feature scrolling products that include your featured products, the most recently added products, randomized products, sorted and filtered products and much more.

Plugin Price: $17 – Info & Download

[mk_ornamental_title font_family=”Arial Black, Gadget, sans-serif” font_type=”safefont” font_size=”20″ ornament_style=”rovi-double”]Woocommerce Shipping Plugins[/mk_ornamental_title]



ReadyShipper is user-friendly WooCommerce shipping software that is jam-packed with 100’s of powerful features and functions.

ReadyShipper can import your orders and let you shop for the best rates from the shipping carriers while connecting you to deals on discount shipping with a complimentary Endicia or Stamps account and an included Express 1 account. In a few clicks, you can import orders, assign a carrier and ship type, print a shipping label and packing list and update your customers.

Plugin Price: $29/month – Info & Download

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