Instant Discounts: Promo Code and Digital Coupon Statistics For 2018

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Ecoupons are on the rise!

While ecoupons have been increasing in popularity in recent years, an estimated 31 billion ecoupons will be redeemed worldwide in 2019. This is a massive rise from 16 billion in 2014. As it stands now, more than 57.5% of US internet users have redeemed digital coupons or codes at least once, and that number is only projected to grow.

With these digital coupon statistics in mind, it’s easy to see that the market is hot and that now is a great time to hop aboard.

Here’s everything you need to know about promo codes and digital coupons, and how they benefit consumers and your company.

8 Promo Code Statistics for 2018

Whether you’re considering diving into ecoupons or just want to know more about the industry, these 2018 promo code statistics are here to help you understand where things stand and how they’ll look going forward:

1. There Will be 1.05 Billion Digital Coupon Users by 2019

You knew digital coupons were popular but did you know they were this popular?

This represents a rise from 560 million users in 2014 and only 19.8 million in 2011.

So why do people love ecoupons so much? The answer is simple: In addition to being easy and convenient to use, they’re also a great way to make online shopping less expensive. This allows consumers to save more on the items they need and want, and to feel like they’re getting a great deal in the process.

2. 48.0% of US Companies Use Mobile Coupons for Marketing

In 2014, only about 36.5% of companies took advantage of mobile coupons, but the times have changed.

The recent and rapid adoption of digital coupons has the same roots for companies as it does for consumers: coupons are simple, straightforward, convenient, easy to use and are ideal for any brand that wants to generate new customers and provide value to shoppers.

3. 68% of Customers Say Digital Coupons Build Brand Awareness

By offering coupons (and, thereby, value) to customers, digital coupons promote brand awareness and keep your company top-of-mind for consumers. This, in turn, ensures people remember your company when it comes time to shop and keep coming back when they need new products.

What’s more, since 60% of customers say they “love” receiving digital coupons, sharing them with consumers is a great way to earn some word-of-mouth traffic and take an active approach to customer-centric marketing.

4.  68% of Customers Say Coupons Generate Loyalty

If you were consistently getting great savings from an online retailer, wouldn’t you shop there more? Customers say “yes” to this, according to recent ecoupon statistics.

To increase your brand loyalty, use digital coupons to encourage customers to keep coming back. Not only will this engage the customers you already have, but it may even earn you some new leads through word-of-mouth.

Since 50% of customers are more likely to visit a store if they’ve received a promo code or digital coupon, giving them out can also be a great way to promote in-store visits.

5. Emails Containing Coupons Offer a 48% Increase in Revenue per Email

These emails also present a 14% increase in open rate, 34% jump in unique clicks, and a 27% increase in transaction completion rate per email, as compared to those without coupons or promo codes.

Consider adding a promo code if you’re looking for a way to boost your email open or conversion rates.

6. The Global Mobile Coupons Industry is Projected to Grow by 56.5% by 2025

If digital coupons are good, mobile coupons are great.

According to a study conducted by Orian Research, mobile coupons adoption rates are soaring, and they’re only projected to become a standard in coming years.

Because mobile coupons work so well in our on-the-go lives, they’re a great way to attract new customers or get rid of products that aren’t moving.

Right now, 32% of customers prefer to receive coupons via their smartphones, and meeting this need is a critical way to provide outstanding customer service and meet customers on the platforms they use.

Today, more than 25 million Americans are using mobile couponing apps to save money each month, and that stat will rise in years to come. Get onboard by making sure you’re offering mobile coupons for your customers.

7. 93% of Millennials Use Mobile Devices to Compare Deals Online and In-Store

This means that, even while customers are shopping in a brick-and-mortar facility, they’re likely using their phones to check for better deals online and to find digital coupons.

If you’re an ecommerce provider, this may mean that you can snag these customers by simply offering better prices, or by showing them how your online store can fulfill their needs better than a brick-and-mortar company.

Another way to make the most of this is to offer immediately redeemable discounts pushed to a customer’s phone while they’re in-store, which 67% of U.S. consumers ages 18-24 report wanting.

8. More Than 90% of Mobile Coupon Users Will Redeem a Coupon Code This Year

Mobile coupons are becoming that much more popular, and it’s easy to see how they’ll continue to grow in the coming years. This makes sense, given the ballooning mobile adoption rates we’ve seen in recent years, and the increased focus on mobile marketing, commerce, and search.

Right now, statistics on digital coupons state that the number of shoppers who redeem coupon codes on their mobile phones will continue to rise and that people love digital coupons more now than ever before.

The Future of Promo Codes is Bright

If you’re looking for a great way to drive more traffic, earn more leads, and provide more value to customers, promo codes and digital coupons are a great way to do it. Ideal for promoting customer retention and keeping your brand top-of-mind for consumers, digital coupons are one of the hottest ecommerce marketing tactics of 2018.

Need Even More Ecoupon Statistics for 2018?

We’ve got you covered. Take a look at this infographic we’ve created below. It will give you the most pertinent digital coupon statistics for 2018 and beyond.

digital coupon statsitics, promo code, ecoupon statistics, ecoupons, promo code statistics, statistics on digital coupons, ecoupon statistics

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