These Post Purchase Text Messages Can Drive New Business

More e-tailers are using SMS marketing as a growth strategy. Is it effective? How does it compare to other marketing methods? Here’s what you need to know.

Is excellent customer service a thing of the past? In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing, instant gratification world, person-to-person social interaction is minimal. Technological advancement is the rule of the day. Customers can perform instant purchases on smartphones, tablets or laptops having everything from dinner to toilet paper delivered to their front door without even speaking to another person.

The concept of genuine, quality and personable customer service can seem almost foreign and lost today. Even so, customers still appreciate good, old-fashioned customer service. The fact of the matter is that post-purchase text messages thanking a customer for their purchase is like the smile and handshake of days past only in a virtual sense. Customers want to feel like you care for them and appreciate their business. Sending a post-purchase text is giving the customer exactly what they crave: validation.

Text Messages versus Emails

Why SMS messages and not emails? There are many benefits to sending text messages. SMS messages are 98% more likely to be opened compared to only 20% for emails according to Garter. In fact, response rates are much quicker with replies typically arriving 90 seconds after receipt.

Emails that sit unopened for days is lost revenue for your business. Customers also prefer to be contacted by SMS with over 60% of surveyed customers saying they prefer text messages over other communication channels.

Here are some post-purchase messages you can send to customers that speak to the customer service of old, create a connection with your patrons and drive new business for your company:

Thank you – Order Confirmation Text

A thank you and order conformation text makes the customer feel valued and provides peace of mind that their order has been received.

Ex. Thank you for your order of the Phoenix Cobalt Wallet, Mark. It will ship within two business days. Once your order ships we’ll text you with tracking information. If you have any questions, reply here.

Shipping and Delivery Notifications

These post-purchase texts are essential. They keep your customer up to date on shipping information and reduce strain on customer service.

Ex. Yay! Your Phoenix Cobalt Wallet is on its way! You can track your purchase here: Thank you again for your business!

Instructions and Product Tips

These types of text messages show that your company cares about your customers even after purchase.

Ex. Hi, Mark! Your PHX Cobalt Wallet is on the way! While you wait why not check out these tips on how to assemble it with this short video:

Request Feedback

Requesting feedback through a third-party website will give you insight into how customers feel about their purchase experience and your company. It’s not only one of the best ways to gain new product reviews, but it will also improve customer service. Make sure to not have customers feel that you’re only asking for a star rating. Provide a text box to have the customer talk about their experience in their own words. Offering incentives can also increase replies.

Ex. Thank you for being a customer! If you have the time, please fill out this short survey and tell us about your experience. We’d love to hear from you! Fill out the survey and receive 10% off of your next purchase!

Use Text to Cross-sell

After a customer has purchased from your business you have an idea of what they like. Using that knowledge to cross-sale can boost your company’s profit margin. If someone has purchased skiing goggles, chances are they are interested in skiing. It’s all about how you craft your creative post-purchase message to upsell them.

Ex. Hi, Andrea! Winter is upon us! Check out this years’ new line of skiing apparel and equipment and stay fashionable on the slopes this season! Shop now and get 25% off your next order!

Replenishment Reminders

If your product has a relatively short life-span and you don’t offer a subscription service it can be beneficial to set-up replenishment reminders. An example of this would be if you owned a company that sold handmade, all natural, masculine scented soaps. About a month after purchase you can send a text message asking if they’re running low and reinforcing your unique selling point.

Ex. Hi, Kyle! Even the Lochness monster runs out of soap eventually. We have all the goodies you need to restock, stay clean and keep smelling amazing like the picturesque Scottish countryside – with no harsh chemicals!

Request Customer Referrals

Sending post-purchase text messages asking for referrals and providing an incentive is a great was to increase business. People also tend to trust their friends and family over someone else. Be personable with your request.

Ex. Hi, Brooke! Sharing is definitely caring. Refer a friend or family member to our bespoke line of cosmetics and they will get $20 off their first purchase of $100, and you get $20 too! Just send them this link:

Need Even More Tips?

Taking advantage of post-purchase texts such as these will build a strong connection between customer and online retailer, giving your company the edge in a market that only becomes more competitive.

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