Father’s Day Ecommerce Facts You Need to Know

With around $6 billion set to be raked in by e-retailers this year, there are some Father’s Day ecommerce facts that you’ll want to be aware of so that you can optimize your sales funnel and get more conversions.

Father’s Day is big business for e-retailers. But if your online store is not prepared, you could very well be missing out on your slice of the pie. A recent report by Fortune finds that American consumers will spend a whopping $16 billion on gifts this year, a healthy increase from the $15.3 billion that was spent in 2018. Of the 37% of consumers who will shop online for Father’s Day gifts this year, more than 57% of them will be using a mobile phone or tablet to research and make a purchase.

With around $6 billion set to be raked in by e-retailers in the weeks ahead, there are some Father’s Day ecommerce facts that you’ll want to be aware of so that you can optimize your sales funnel and get more conversions. Here are some tips to help you make the most of this ecommerce shop-a-thon for dad.

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Mobile Shopping is Big Business

Mobile shopping will play an important role in affecting which retailers win the most sales. About 37% will shop for dad using either their mobile phone or a tablet. Of importance to note: Sites that are not optimized to meet Google’s new update for mobile-friendly search will miss out because new updates mandate that all websites offer a mobile-friendly shopping experience.

According to recent reports on mobile commerce statistics, about 2 billion people will make an online purchase using a mobile device in 2020, an increase of about 3% from last year. While shopping for Father’s Day gifts, mobile shoppers will convert about 0.55% of the time for an average order value of around $100. How much of a role will mobile shopping play? Look at this chart from the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend last year, it paints the full picture.

Most Shoppers Want a Deal for Dad

Everyone loves a good deal. That’s why more than 48% of shoppers would like to see a unique value proposition offered this year for Father’s Day, with about 36% being influenced by a coupon. Furthermore, 50% of mobile users will research prices, via a process called webrooming, and will compare them while searching for digital coupons that they can redeem to get a deal on a Father’s Day purchase.

Webrooming will play a large role in how consumers convert, with 88% of smartphone shoppers expected to webroom, with estimates that they will generate an estimated $1.8 billion in sales from comparison shopping. Brick and mortar retailers stand to lose out the most, with 68% of customers showrooming from a retail store to find a better deal online for dad this year.

Free Shipping Closes the Deal

Free shipping will play a strong role in Father’s Day ecommerce sales this year. This is because more than 75% of consumers are influenced in making a buying decision when free shipping is offered, with at least 65% saying they’d recommend the store to a friend or family member if free shipping was offered.

Considering that about 65% of cart abandonment rates are directly linked to the lack of free shipping, it’s a critical part of closing the deal for online shoppers. For stores that do offer free shipping, they’re appealing to the vast majority of consumers who believe that shopping online for a Father’s Day gift should be just as easy as buying in-store, and should come with fast, free shipping to seal the deal. So do dad a favor and ditch the shipping fees to supercharge your sales funnel this year.

Start Advertising The Month Before

The four weeks that precede Father’s Day are the most popular for shoppers who are searching for the ideal gift. A GPShopper study found that more than 53% of shoppers buy holiday gifts a month out, making it easier to understand just how important it is for online stores to start marketing their specials and sales well in advance of this holiday for dad.

Buying online and picking up in-store will be immensely popular this year (for all holiday ecommerce cycles), and is an amenity that the top retailers (Amazon, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Target, Walmart) offer to their consumers to help them avoid holiday shopping stresses. Be sure that you start running your specials and promotions beforehand to cash in on the early shoppers.

Average Consumer Will Spend $139

Dad is loved and assuredly popular. Telling of this is a National Retail Federation report finding that the average consumer spend this year will hover around $139, accounting for a 53% 10-year increase in average consumer spending overall. About 23% of shoppers plan to splurge between $100 and $250, just 12% plan to exceed $250, and about 10% will be undecided about their budget. For each shopper you convert, you stand to do at least $100 in business.

Of the estimated $16 billion American consumers will spend on Father’s Day this year, about $3.3 billion of that number is pegged for Dining, $2.2 billion goes to Gift Cards, $2.2 billion will be spent on Apparel and $1.8 billion will be spent on Electronics. For even more scope, take a look at this chart below.

Your Returns Policy Matters

Your online returns policy will play a strong role in convincing shoppers to convert on gifts. Studies have found that 61% of shopping cart abandonment is linked to the online returns policy. Be sure you improve consumer confidence by providing them with a hassle-free and convenient returns policy that lets them confidently close the sale.

Just how big of a deal is your returns policy when it comes to closing the sale on Father’s Day purchases online? Well, 67% of shoppers will review your returns policy before buying a gift for dad; 58% of shoppers want a no-questions-asked return policy; 47% of shoppers want an easy way to print a return shipping label from your website; and 62% are more likely to make a future purchase when returns are easy.

Improving Your Sales Funnel Before Father’s Day

Ensuring that your online store is prepared for the Father’s Day ecommerce shopping rush in advance can enable you gain the competitive advantage. To help you get a head start, we’ve got five candid tips that you can use to help increase average order value, decrease returns and improve customer loyalty and retention long after this holiday has commenced.

1. Exclusive Offers & Promo Codes

Attract more sales by featuring exclusive offers for your shoppers. Use discount codes that you share on social networks and digital coupon networks to lure shoppers in. Bear in mind that you should appeal to all generations, from the grandparents to the dads to the daughters and the sons, and, of course, mom.

Fast Fact: In 2018, 8 million shoppers redeemed a coupon code to get a better deal, with 77% of them spending as much as $50 more on the purchase.

2. Send Email Reminders

With 11% or more of shoppers holding out until the last minute to buy something for dad this year, make sure that you send out helpful email reminders and newsletters that provide shopping ideas, and that offer valuable digital coupons and discounts to cash in on last-minute sales.

Fast Fact: Personalized father’s day emails are 26% more likely to be opened, and boast a 14% click-through rate and the potential to drive a 750% ROI increase when targeted and segmented.

3. Use the Power of Inspiration

Many shoppers can struggle when trying to think of what they want to buy for dad this year. Provide them with a little bit of inspiration by creating sections like “Father’s Day Gift Ideas,” “Top 10 Gifts for Father’s Day,” “Father’s Day Blowout Sales” and so forth.

Fast Fact: Make sure you are doing everything that you can to attract more customers to your online store. This includes offering holiday-exclusive sales, specials and discounts. Doing so includes advertising your specials via social and web, issuing press releases to announce the sales and reaching out to your existing customers via internal newsletters to offer signature flash sales that drive revenue.

4. Offer Package Deals

Sometimes a package deal is what’s necessary to seal the deal. Consider bundling gifts that offer an even more attractive and unique value proposition to get more sales. Things like bundling tools for dad, ties, outfits and others save shoppers time and money and tend to be hot sellers.

Fast Fact: Did you know that only 3% of visitors will buy when they visit your site, 47% may buy in the future and 50% don’t intend to buy at all. Get them to close the deal more often by integrating a call-to-action strategy into your landing pages that creates a sense of urgency while offering a unique value proposition.

5. Offer Free Gift Wrapping, Shipping & Returns

Finally, close the deal by offering to wrap gifts for dad for free. What’s more, supercharge your sales by offering free shipping and free returns to convince more shoppers to convert.

Fast Fact: Consumers are fond of signature packaging and look forward to the “unboxing effect” when opening gifts. Glean some advice from our guide on Ecommerce Packaging Tips to make yours Father’s Day packages truly shine.

Do these simple things, and you can make the most of Father’s Day this year for your online store. While you are at it, don’t forget to find something for your dad before time runs out. After all, he’s half the reason you’re even here reading this article right now. Happy Father’s Day!

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