How the ReadyCloud Zapier Integration Helps Automate & Organize Your Ecommerce Business

Zapier has made its name on improving these business processes by connecting more than two thousand online apps to let users create and customize  workflows with no coding required. And when it integrates with an already-powerful tool like ReadyCloud, it can help you create a software ecosystem that automates and organizes your business. 

Zapier is now available in ReadyCloud, connecting you with hundreds of apps that include Help Desk, Chat, VOIP and more. Miss a phone call or need your Zen Desk tickets posted to a customer profile in ReadyCloud? This is what the Zapier integration is all about. Ready to move ahead? Skip the blog and checkout the Zapier integration for ReadyCloud

How ReadyCloud Helps E-Tailers

ReadyCloud does more than just connect your order data, shipping and returns into one convenient system, it helps you create a better shopping experience for consumers. Today’s ecommerce world is more competitive than ever. Consumers remember a good experience, one that has easy online ordering, fast shipping and quick delivery. But if a return has to be processed, or there are any hiccups in the experience, consumers have a long memory. 

ReadyCloud connects all the dots of the customer journey, giving your store the ability to maximize the shopper experience, expedite shipping, automate returns and win over more consumers. Extra features, like Action Alerts, give you powerful Growth Marketing tools that help you retain new and existing customers with the ability to send customized SMS and email messages with reminders, thank-yous, upsells and cross-sells.

How does the ReadyCloud Zapier integration add even more to this mix? First, let’s take a look at what Zapier does and why it’s such an awesome addition to ReadyCloud.

Zapier, Explained

Zapier is an easy automation tool for busy people. It’s powerful software that connects apps to streamline business processes and ensure you don’t miss a thing. It’s trusted by a number of small businesses, as well as giants like Buzzfeed, Spotify and Adobe.  

Each action taken in Zapier is called a “Zap” and can be the missing link between the tools you use. How it looks in action: You can set up a workflow in which a new email triggers a Zap that saves the attachment to Dropbox and another Zap that alerts you in Slack about the new Dropbox file. Triggers can be set in any app, and setting up the subsequent Zaps doesn’t take any knowledge of how to code. 

Imagine, then, the power you’ll have after integrating ReadyCloud with a customizable automation tool. The interworking system can handle the low-level tasks to maintain your business and your customer relationships so you can focus on the complexities of growth. While the possibilities are literally endless (you can connect 2,000 plus apps to ReadyCloud with Zapier), we’re going to showcase a few of the most popular Zaps we’ve created templates for in Zapier. 

Smarter Support

A major benefit of the ReadyCloud Zapier integration is an enhanced Help Desk software. Whether you use ZenDesk, FreshDesk or HelpScout, you can track each customer’s contact with your support team as it relates to purchases. This tells you which sales are successful and which ones still have open issues so they can be resolved. Not only does this protect your business from poor online reviews, but it also shows customers you care about their needs by handling issues quickly.

How does it work? ReadyCloud + Zapier generates Contact notes for every customer interaction and automatically logs the full customer journey from sale to fulfillment—including post-purchase support tickets and returns, if necessary. By utilizing automation, you can save on customer service costs and maximize the use of your other systems.

Detailed Call Log

Missed calls are a valuable resource that some business owners don’t know how to take advantage of, but this is made simple with ReadyCloud + Zapier. Are you using a VOIP like RingCentral? You’re in luck. With a few Zaps, missed calls can automatically be posted as ReadyCloud Notes, and those notes can be posted to contacts if the CRM finds a phone number match. 

You’ll have an up-to-date log of interactions with your customers, which will save both them and you the frustration of getting up to speed during each phone call. 

Maximized Chat

As an online retailer, you know the world is going more digital every year, and customer communication is no different. That’s why it’s important to keep track of your online chats just like you track your phone calls. Chat even has the added benefits of direct contact with customers like upsell opportunities, distribution of promotional materials and engagement with prospective customers. There is massive value in your chat data.

With Zapier connected to ReadyCloud, you can summarize your chats and automatically assign them to a contact or customer as part of the ongoing interaction log. Then, by setting up another Zap, it will create a follow-up Event or Action Alert within ReadyCloud so you can keep your new leads engaged and maintain communication.

Organized Books

Record-keeping just got way easier. As you might have guessed, Zapier supports QuickBooks and can automatically create invoices when orders are placed. Connect to an ecommerce CRM to go one step further—each new order gets associated with an existing customer record, or the software will create a new customer.

Even better? It’s all automated and error-free, so you won’t have any name misspellings or address mixups. You and your accountant will be grateful. It’s a win-win.

On-the-Go Order & Inventory Tracking

Inventory is the backbone of your ecommerce business, which makes inventory management one of your most important tasks. With the TradeGecko Zapier integration, you can keep tabs on your stock levels across sales channels, even if they’re not supported yet by ReadyCloud.

These Zaps will auto-generate new customer profiles, if needed, or will assign incoming orders to the correct profiles that have already been created.

Creating Your Own Zaps

You can also create your own Zaps to connect some of your favorite apps to ReadyCloud. Zapier has published a detailed guide on How to Create Zaps to help you get started. We also have created several videos in our Demos section on how to use Zapier with ReadyCloud, too. Learn more about the Zapier integration from ReadyCloud Here

Got questions? We’re here to help! Give us a ring at 877-818-7447 or email us at: [email protected].

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