Comprehensive video courses that will help you master the ReadyCloud Suite, including: ReadyCloud CRM, ReadyShipper shipping software and ReadyReturns returns software.

ReadyCloud CRM Demos

Getting Started with ReadyCloud

  • Account creation
  • Signup process
  • Tips and tricks

How to Invite Team Members

  • Teams overview
  • Key features and functions
  • How to invite members

How to Connect Sales Channels

  • Adding your sales channels
  • Connecting accounts
  • Add multiple sales channels

How to Use Action Alerts

  • Understanding Action Alerts
  • Creating triggers and alerts
  • Modifying alerts

How to Setup ReadyShipper

  • Download and installation
  • Setting up your account
  • Tips and tricks

Adding ReadyReturns to ReadyCloud

  • Setting up ReadyReturns
  • Connecting ReadyReturns to ReadyCloud
  • Tips and tricks

How to Use Square to ReadyCloud

  • Accessing Square in ReadyCloud
  • Using filters
  • Processing transactions

How to Setup Order Views

  • Overview of Order Views
  • Creating new views
  • Modifications

ReadyShipper X Demos

How to Use ReadyShipper

  • Beginner’s guide
  • Connecting sales channels
  • Importing and shipping orders

How to Use Shipping Genie

  • Understanding Shipping Genie
  • Using Shipping Genie
  • Tips and tricks

How to Use the Ship Type Converter

  • Understanding the Ship Type Converter
  • Using the Ship Type Converter
  • Tips and tricks

How to Use Multiple Boxes

  • Setting up multiple boxes
  • Modification and edits
  • Shipping

Right-Click Returns

  • Using returns in ReadyShipper
  • Right-click returns
  • Tips and tricks

How to Void an Order

  • Voiding orders
  • Updating ReadyShipper
  • Tips and tricks

Manually Creating Shipping Labels

  • How to manually create a shipping label
  • Printing shipping labels
  • Tips and tricks

How to Use Order Views Pt: 1

  • Overview of Order Views
  • Using Order Views
  • Tips and tricks

How to Use Order Views Pt: 2

  • Overview of Order Views
  • Using Order Views
  • Tips and tricks

Using Keyed Imports

  • Setting up import
  • Using keyed imports
  • Tips and tricks

How to Update in Batch

  • Accessing your batch
  • Updating in batch
  • Tips and tricks

How to Import Products with Autofill

  • Importing products
  • Setting up autofill
  • Tips and tricks

ReadyReturns Demos

How to Setup ReadyReturns

  • Creating your account
  • Setting up ReadyReturns
  • Adding shipper account and Square

Setting up Logo and Theme

  • Accessing interface
  • Adding logo
  • Setting up theme

Setting up Return Reasons

  • Accessing settings
  • Creating return reasons
  • Tips and tricks

Setting Up Weight-Based Rules

  • Accessing settings
  • Creating weight-based rules
  • Tips and tricks

Using the Customer Service Module

  • Accessing Customer Service module
  • Using the RMA widget
  • Creating a return slip

How to Add Warehouses

  • Accessing settings
  • Adding a warehouse
  • Modifications and edits

How to Connect Square POS

  • Accessing settings
  • Connecting Square POS
  • Tips and tricks

Creating Final Sale Rule

  • Accessing settings
  • Creating finale sale rule
  • Tips and tricks

Creating International Rules

  • Accessing settings
  • Creating international rules
  • Tips and tricks