12 of the Best BigCommerce Apps Available in 2019

Want to streamline sales at your online store? Here are 15 of the best BigCommerce apps available in 2019 that can help you do just that and then some.

The BigCommerce shopping cart service is lauded for its user-friendly interface, which enables the creation of a robust online store in just a few hours with no outside development required and no coding knowledge needed. A variety of apps make it more useful for retailers.

Here’s the low-down on the best 12 apps you can get for BigCommerce in 2019.

Before we dive in, here are some interesting BigCommerce facts that can help you understand just how popular this shopping cart service has become.

The service powers more than 4,000 online stores that consistently are rated in the top 1 million websites worldwide with the home page of BigCommerce receiving an estimated 2.2 million visits each month.

BigCommerce is one of the most popular shopping cart services providers in the U.S. and powers an estimated 33,000 plus websites with more than 29,000 active, registered domains.

BigCommerce is the go-to shopping cart for thousands of online retailers. So, it comes as no surprise that it also hosts an App Marketplace that gives users countless options to upgrade—some free and some paid—their online store. From SEO apps to remarketing apps, loyalty generators and more, which one is right for you?

Stay tuned, as we’re going to give you the dish on our picks for the top 12 BigCommerce apps that are currently available in 2019. These apps can help you fine-tune your online store, so you can get more BigCommerce sales.


One of the best ways to improve customer relationships in ecommerce is by integrating a rewards and loyalty program.

There are several reasons why Smile.io will put a smile on your face. For starters it’s a 100% free app with no reoccurring fee. But second to that, this app helps you easily design, build and launch powerful loyalty programs that you host in your BigCommerce store. It works with your email and marketing tools and gives you an easy way to tap into more sales and long-term retention.

This app helps you reward customers for:

  • Purchases
  • Referrals
  • Account registrations
  • Social shares

It’s a great way to add a rewards program to your ecommerce store with minimal setup and easy-to-use features.

Google Customer Reviews

More than 90% of shoppers read reviews before making a buying decision, and Google reviews are second in popularity to verified Amazon reviews.

Getting these reviews used to be hard work until Google Customer Reviews came along and made it easy for you.

This app helps you:

  • Get more Google reviews
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Lets customers opt-in at thank you/order page
  • Displays a Google Review badge on your store

Did you know that 70% of your customers will leave a review when asked? The trick to getting them to do so is by making it easy, fun and interactive, something this app does for you. You get a 15-day free trial, after that it’s $4.99 per month to continue service.

Shogun Page Builder

Your landing pages – or product pages – are a critical component to sales and are an intrinsic part of the customer journey.

Building attractive landing pages in BigCommerce is made effortless with the Shogun Page Builder app. It plugs into your store and lets you use the drag-and-drop interface to design an attractive landing page that helps you get more conversions. No coding is required.

This app helps you:

  • Create stunning landing pages
  • Attract new customers and conversions
  • Includes a drag-and-drop tool
  • Requires no coding
  • Comes with predesigned templates
  • Includes marketing features and analytics

This app has more than 170 five-star reviews and comes with a one-week free trial, which you can continue for $49/month thereafter.


The jury is out: ecommerce AI can boost sales when properly implemented and tracked. The trick, however, is in knowing the right tools to use to do so.

This is exactly what you’ll get when you add the Vantage app to your BigCommerce store. Vantage combines analytics, business intelligence and data analysis to create a powerful AI campaign for your online store that results in stronger sales and retention.

This app helps you:

  • A/B test your products and sales
  • Gather business intelligence
  • Make smarter inventory buys
  • Host stronger flash sales
  • Understand your revenue stream
  • Dive deeper into your data
  • Create new revenue streams

The power of AI can’t be overlooked in today’s ecommerce world. Thankfully, there’s this cool app, which is currently being offered for free by the developer.

Facebook Ads by Sales & Orders

New data finds that 78% of U.S. consumers have found and bought products on Facebook. So, the real question is: Why are you not using this valuable platform to market your goods? Well, now you can.

With the Facebook Ads by Sales and Orders App, you can easily reach the more than 2.2 billion prospective customers that are using Facebook daily and advertise your online store to them.

This app helps you:

  • Create and manage Facebook ads
  • Organize catalogs that you market online
  • Create Facebook campaigns
  • Three-stage audience features
  • Detailed reporting

You can get started using this app for free for up to 10 SKUs. After that, you’ll pay $20/month to continue service.

FBA Shipping

With the average Amazon Prime user spending $650 a year online, it’s obvious that this marketplace is a must-have sales channel. Up until now, though, sending FBA fulfillments for Prime was tough with your BigCommerce store. Not anymore.

The FBA Shipping app has you covered. It connects your FBA account to your store and gives you the ability to fulfill FBA orders and ship them worldwide. What’s even better is that this app is 100% free to use.

This app helps you:

  • Connect BigCommerce to Amazon
  • Fulfill FBA orders in real-time
  • Send shipments anywhere in the world

Without a way to fulfill FBA orders on Amazon, your store is overlooked because most people order Prime products. But not anymore, thanks to this nifty app.

ReadyCloud Suite

Getting to know your customers better is a must-do in ecommerce. But few apps truly deliver a real CRM, and no other apps in the marketplace connect CRM with business intelligence, growth marketing, shipping software and returns software. Until now, that is.

The ReadyCloud Suite is a full-featured ecommerce suite that gives you a powerful CRM complete with tasks and team management, growth marketing, detailed reporting, event calendar and shipping and returns software. It also works with your other sales channels, like Amazon and eBay, for a complete multichannel solution.

This app helps you:

  • Get a 360-degree view of the customer journey
  • Build better relationships from day one
  • Remarket to existing customers
  • Contains powerful Growth Marketing tools
  • Task and team management
  • Premium shipping software plugin
  • Premium returns software plugin

The ReadyCloud Suite is available to all BigCommerce users for a two-week free trial. After that, you can continue service for $24/month per user.

Better Coupon Box

Consumers love getting a deal when they shop online; that’s why 57% of them redeemed a coupon or promo code last year. If you want to join ranks with the 48% of online stores offering them, though, you’ll need the right app.

That’s where the Better Coupon Box app for BigCommerce comes into play. This app lets you create custom entry and exit popups that offer redeemable promo codes and coupons for your customers. It also lets you create shareable codes and hosts an array of features like analytics and tracking.

This app helps you:

  • Improve loyalty through coupons
  • Create entry and exit popups
  • Reduce cart abandonment rates
  • Track code usage and sharing

Building loyal brand ambassadors isn’t easy. But this app can help make it easier. Even better is that it won’t cost you a penny, as it’s free to install and use at your BigCommerce store.


The next generation of ecommerce technology and trends has arrived. With it comes a new way to learn about shopper behavior and encourage purchases by integrating AI into the mix.

We’ve already presented an AI app above for you to review. But this the Nextopia app is different because it integrates AI and learning into your store’s search engine and product recommendation algorithms. This app automates product searches, related products, recommended products and even can update your outgoing emails to include shopper specific suggestions, to name a few of its features.

This app helps you:

  • Improve conversions with AI
  • Create more useful site searches
  • Auto suggest related products
  • Update emails with shopper-specific suggestions

An app this cool certainly won’t come for free. However, the developer has not listed any pricing on it and there doesn’t appear to be a free trial. So, you’re best off contacting them to learn more about it.


How you approach ecommerce SEO is nearly as important as the products you’re offering and your shipping and returns policy. While BigCommerce has useful SEO tools built-in, you can take things a step further for better search engine saturation.

The Fav SEO app delivers a suite of tools that no online retailer should be without. From basic SEO functions like title, meta and tagging to more robust features like keyword prediction, suggestion and planning, site audio and even integrated analytics.

This app helps you:

  • Improve SEO
  • Audit your website
  • Plan and track keywords
  • Analytics and reporting

If you’re looking for an SEO boost, look no further. This app comes with a 10-day free trial. After that, you can continue service for $19.95/month.


To succeed in ecommerce, you’ll need to expand your sale channels to more than just your BigCommerce storefront. New omnichannel marketing statistics find that channels like social, Amazon and eBay represent the lion’s share of ecommerce. To tap into them, you’ll need the right tools.

The Sellbrite app is your bridge to multichannel listings and sales. It gives you the ability to list, manage and market your products on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jet and Etsy, and comes with an array of user-friendly tools that give you complete control.

This app helps you:

  • Sell on multiple channels
  • Update and manage inventories
  • Easy data import and export
  • User-friendly tools

You can get started with this app by using the two-week free trial. After that, you can continue service for $49/month.

Live Chat + Product Cards

Emerging studies and new data find that 30% of customers expect your store to have live chat and about 70% prefer live chat versus a phone call or an email. If you want more conversions and happier customers who send new business your way, then you’re going to want to add live chat to your BigCommerce store.

With the Live Chat + Product Cards app, you can do just that. This app not only integrates full-featured live chat with custom settings and controls, but also lets your customer service team send Product Cards into the chat box to help customers make a buying decision.

This app helps you:

  • Integrate live chat into your store
  • Send product recommendations in live chat
  • Improve conversions and customer service
  • Detailed reporting

You can get started with this app for free for two weeks. After that, it’ll cost you $16/month.


Bonus Mention: DataFeed 

One more app to consider, and newly added to this list as a bonus mention is: DataFeedWatch, which helps more than 10,000 happy merchants with growing their online business. Many of them are using this solution, which is seamlessly integrated into their BigCommerce store, to gain actionable insights that help them grow. 

Here you can check their rating on BigCommerce, and also read some solid user reviews.

This app helps you:

  • Connect BigCommerce and DataFeedWatch with just a few clicks. Manage your shopping feed and check for errors before campaigns go live.
  • Process feeds for more than 1 million products.
  • Include or exclude products with just a few clicks (like for seasonal or out of stock items).
  • Painlessly assign Google categories to your products
  • Use powerful optimization tools like look-up tables and regular expressions.

You can get started with this app for free for two weeks. After that, plans start at $39/month.

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